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June 4th 2014
Published: June 4th 2014
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Distance: 140 Kms SubT. 2035 Kms Bal 10,456 Kms Road Condition: good

Weather: sunny, blue sky, white puffy clouds. Cooler. Good for riding.

Time in Saddle: 7 hrs Av Speed: av. 20 kph. Av Cadence. Rpm

Elevation: 2070 m (x2) up; 1850 m ( x1) + another 1200m

Calories burned : 6140

Didn't receive briefing on today's ride until this morning which makes it difficult as we must write down three boards of info quickly, whilst trying to avoid being in the way of some one taking note! Necessitated by the fact that a tunnel on the road we were intending to take collapsing recently, meaning an alternate route was required. So a 30km longer day and much more climbing, AND a different town tonight than planned. To get back on route will add an extra 90 km approx spread over 3 days.

The hills were tough. Were told the hills would be after lunch, so all the climbing before lunch was unexpected and quite exhausting. I rode it alone, and think this , the strong headwind, and the very poor breakfast, may have made it seem harder! My usual fellow riders were intent on 'attacking' the hills. I knew this would be a bad mistake for me, so left them to it. After lunch rode with a few others and we battled the hills together. They surprisingly seemed 'easier', but maybe I am delusional! Or perhaps it was the benefit of a nutritious lunch. Speeds varied from 8kph in my lowest gear, to 59kph on the excellent downhills.

Saw an interesting mosque perched on a hill, a combo of Chinese touches and Moslem dome. Looked attractive and entrance was through a private bridge and an ornate Chinese gate. Also ' accidentally' managed a panoramic shot with my camera. Couldn't see what I was doing due to glare and strong wind and balancing the bike, but it shows the scenery after descending the second big hill.

Arrived in town at a flash 5* hotel for the night. Tomorrow camping starts, so our last HURRAH I THINK! Wifi will probably be difficult, so if I don't post daily be prepared for a barrage when we get to a wifi zone,

At the hotel I discovered that although I thought I had drunk sufficient fluid, that clearly wasn't the case, so I will need to be more vigilant. Will also need to start on sun cream as the sky is getting clearer of smog. In fact I saw the moon last night, first time in China!

Behind the hotel is an interesting and pleasant lake and park. Going for a stroll I saw elderly Chinese playing crochet. In towns the men play a board game which I am told is Chinese Chess. Have also seen lots of Mahjong and card games. All games are surrounded by at least 6 onlookers.

Tomorrow's briefing suggests a similar day to today. Purchased supplies at a near by supermarket so hopefully will be better nutritionally prepared. A kilo of Cashews, kilo of Raisons, yogurt drink, clothes soap bar, chocolate bar, 2 ice creams,banana- 70 Yuan ( $11).

At dinner tonight we had boiled potatoes in their jackets, UNBELIEVABLE and delicious.

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4th June 2014

Panoramic photo looks great! Make sure you keep up the water and enjoy the camping tomorrow!! xx
4th June 2014

Thanks George. Good travels to you and Mum. Good luck for Friday. Love dxxx

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