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November 1st 2014
Published: November 1st 2014
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Snow Whte and a consultantSnow Whte and a consultantSnow Whte and a consultant

Snow White and a consultant at the school pose for a photo op.
Greetings my fellow Ghouls and Goblins;

Once again the night of Halloween creeps upon us like a slow moving fog of unholy and unnatural customed kiddies (and adults that never truly grew up). Its one of the few days of the year where us adults can don our Super Mario outfits or our little french maid outfits and not be thought of as a crazy person for doing so. Being here in China, is no real exception. Aside from the fact your teaching others about what Halloween is? The fun the joy that coming from being something your not even for an afternoon of harmless fun. Whether it is showing up as a Video Game character or the lord of Darkness, or a nurse or a Doctor... Doctor Who. No just the Doctor. (a reference for all those whoivians. I count myself as one).

Here at 'Happy Goal English', thats where I work by the way, we had a little party on October 30th and the 31st. As much as it was for the children it was just as much for everyone that attended including the staff. There were singing and dancing by the students, the talent show portion of the night, Candy, prizes, more candy and alot of fun. A few of the parents seemed happy to see Super mario a character that they played in their youth. Some of them actually mentioned playing super mario when they were younger. Which brightened my day to knnow that I wasnt the only one to know Super Mario and have played the games as a child. But at the end of the evening everyone had fun and that was the main point of the evenings fun. I know this wasnt as long as my other ones, but this is of course the first one in many many months I also know that some of my readers are actually a bit worried that something has befallen me. Never fear i am still alive and well.


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