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Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou October 10th 2013

Thursday, October 10 - Sunday, October 13 Zhejiang, Hangzhou and Shanghai, China Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. I can't tell you how excited and proud I was to present Hangzhou to Rachael. If nothing else can be said of her visit here, it is that the weather managed to cooperate completely over the course of the entire thing. Following a 2-days typhoon, Hangzhou was a sunny and beautiful 18°C/65°F both days, allowing for very successful traipsing. It was dried up and clear, and the air felt incredibly clean and fresh in our Beijing-ed throats and lungs. Hangzhou turned out to be quite possibly the best part of the entire expedition. Hangzhou, I've learned, is really unlike any other major city in all of China. Nothing has made me appreciate this place ... read more
Climbing mountains

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou August 28th 2013

Hi All, How's this for a train station!! It's bigger than some European airports I've been to. Thanks to everyone at The Green Youth Hostel. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Enjoy Photos Jah Bless... read more
Hostel (1)
Hostel (2)

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou August 28th 2013

Hi All, I walked from the Leifeng pagonda to the Lingyin Temple which was a bit further than I expected but you do walk past some beautiful gardens along the way. I must admit I was a little bit tired once I got there. The temple was originally built in 326AD and it name translates into "Temple of the Soul's Retreat" and it has been destroyed and rebuilt no fewer that 16 times. The only original parts are the two stone pagodas outside the main hall and there is also a stone structure just outside the entrance. In the main hall there is a 20 metre high statue of Siddhartha Gautama. I got fairly lucky as there was a ceremony going on with all the monks chanting and banging drums and bells. On the walk up ... read more
Lingyin Temple (4)
Lingyin Temple (33)
Lingyin Temple (31)

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou August 25th 2013

Hi All, After a stop of in the Zhejiang provincial museum I wandered off up the Bai Causeway towards the city. The city is pretty much a normal Chinese city but one thing does stand out and that is how clean it is. I think this is the cleanest city I've been to in China. The city was reduced to charcoal in the 1860s during the Taiping Rebellion. So virtually nothing really old still exists but saying that I found plenty of little parks besides canals and small ponds. Boy was it hot today. The sun was blazing and I must admit I did a Leanne ;-) and got sunburnt a bit on my arms and face. In the afternoon I took one of the boats over to Xiaoying Island. The island is shaped like the ... read more
xiaoying island (2)
one yuan note
Around City (6)

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou August 25th 2013

Hi All, Across the road from the Leifeng Pagoda is the JingCi Temple. Really busy temple that has a massive staute of Sakyamuni, Buddha, with lots of people, mostly old ladies, sitting around and reciting mantras from books. There are some lovely statues of Guanyin and Milefo but unfortunately no photographs I'm afraid and I didn't want to risk it as the nuns looked very stern. A pretty temple and also free. Enjoy the photos Jah Bless... read more
Jingci temple
Jingci temple (2)
Jingci temple (3)

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou August 21st 2013

Hi All, Went to The LeiFeng Pagoga this morning. Originally built in AD977 it collapsed in the 1920s. It has been reconstructed a couple of times since. As you can see the only parts of the original structure are the foundations. There are some incredible woodcarvings inside the pagoda showing a Chinese legend. The views over the lake were good but I did go in a thunderstorm and I imagine on a sunny day you can see a long way. Enjoy the photos Jah Bless... read more
Leifeng Pagoda (4)
Woodcarvings (1)

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou August 20th 2013

Hi All, Thanks to Rebecca today. She lives very close to Hangzhou. We met up close to the hostel I am staying at and walked off to find the West Lake. We walked through some beautiful gardens, Lotus in the Breeze at Crooked Courtyard, and part of the West Lake that is seperated by the Su causeway. The places here have very poetic names. The lake is very pretty and is typical Chinese, as you see in the old paintings, with weeping willows and lotus flowers. The view from the city, the east shore, over the lake to the mountains is really lovely fter wandering around for the afternoon we met up with Rebecca's boyfriend Li Bin and they took me for a delicious meal in a very busy restaurant, we had to wait for age ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou May 21st 2013

The May 1 holiday found us with a long break, so we seized the opportunity and headed for Hangzhou (杭州). The city is most renowned for its West Lake (西湖), one of the most famous sights in China. Since our passports had been taken for visa processing we were forced to ride the bus rather than the more convenient high-speed train. It was a painless journey of around 2.5 hours, through semi-urban sprawl encroaching on local farmland. Everywhere was construction: new apartment blocks, new highways and overpasses, new shopping centers popping up at every juncture. Agriculture, on the other hand, was relegated to small squares of land next to the road, or even islands in the middle of the freeway. We arrived and took a taxi to the drum tower, where our hostel was located in ... read more
Tea plantation
C at Eight Diagrams Field
Temple door, Mt. Wu

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou May 20th 2013

Flew north-west from KL, arriving in dynamic, bustling and efficient Hong Kong, staying at a friend's appartment in a great central location. Took a day hike up to "The Peak", skirting around through forests and past reservoirs and enjoying panoramic views out to the South China Sea, eventually reaching the cloud-shrouded summit before taking the easy route down via the funicular Tramway. Also visited Happy Valley for the famous evening horse racing - the green, grassy arena surrounded by towering skyscrapers illuminated against the night-sky, my unsuccessful betting compensated by a few beers and a lively atmosphere. Next flew up to Shanghai, catching the smooth, super-fast levitating Maglev train into the city and headed to the classy Vue bar at the Hyatt hotel for towering views over the new Pudong district and the Huangpu river. The ... read more
HK Appartments
Evening at the races

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Hangzhou October 7th 2012

New photos on: …..”This week big horiday. Mid Autumn Festiwal an' then Nationa' Day. What we can do make life difficur' for eweryone?” “Well for starters you can crank up Internet blocking to ensure that proxies don't work & access to the 'Net in general is slow or impossible” “We done already. Only affect foreigner people an' a few ours who like look English website”. “How about removing the tolls, among the highest in the world, from the highways, allowing the masses to travel, well, en masse, for the week?” “Such good idea, people wir' be ve'y happy, think government ve'y generous”. I'm sure not all the people caught in the colossal traffic jams created by this policy were as happy as ex... read more
Martha and Family
Canal Trip
Brad, Artist

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