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Asia » China » Zhejiang » Anji May 5th 2014

“Why are you going there? What will you do?” Confused faces with a hint of actual concern seemed to be surrounding me as I told my coworkers I was going to Anji. “Well, there's the mountains, and the bamboo forest, and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was filmed there, ya know!” I responded confidently only to get more puzzled looks... I've come to realize that the majority of Shanghainese locals I meet tend to travel for the status, and are far more interested in following the herds of people to whichever destination is most "popular." I use that term loosely because I've learned that what's most popular isn't necessarily what's the most beautiful or most interesting. Three hours by bus from downtown Shanghai. Three. That's it! You could do this place in a single day, that is ... read more

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Anji November 29th 2008

Anji, the small city from the Zhejiang province, famous by bamboo parks and white tea, one of the best tea of China, but not so famous out of China. The bamboo parks there are very nice, there no such people, normally it doesn't happen in China, maybe there is a small city, maybe the tourism there is new, anyway, you can enjoy quietly the place, bring the family to stay there hole day, if you want the parks also offer the accommodation. A interesting custom there is tea house, it is very common there, the place to meet friends, normally you pay around the US$ 5 per person, you can spend the hole day drinking the tea, and eating fruits, cereals or even some noddles, we just spent a night. Bamboos and teas are elements of ... read more
Stone path
Wood sculpture

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