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April 24th 2013
Published: April 25th 2013
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The Yi in Laoheipang township will partaking Dage on the 15th day in the Lunar march each year. From the book I read it said laoheipang is belong to Changning region, so i went there through Zhujie, but then find out it was actually inside the Weishan region over the Heihuijiang river. no transportation access so we need to hire a car took us to Laoheipang on the festival day. If I knew it was belong to Weishan region I would have access from Niujie where only 10km from town.

Laoheipang is a very tiny Yi village inside the valley, tobacco seem to be the main crop nowaday, as in the old day rice was the main crops, no wondered the local said now there wasn't that many people attended as the tobacco plantation time is just on. still....people came to the small temple and made there Dage event(sing and dance in circle), atmosphere was great, men came with Lusheng leading the chanting while blow away with their instrument. and it last for a long time even until we left by 7pm. beside the dage, the surprised was the ceremony inside the small temple. it was a temple dedicated to the God of wealth(fortune), so...people came to pray and asking for wealthy, a priest was hired from weishan to perform, and a family request specail ritual for his baby boy, colour paper written with words of bad luck and misfortune was sticked on the altar, and a round tibe underneath it, first a chicken lead it way throught he cylinder and followed by the baby, once throught mean the kid will free with trouble and bad luck in his future life, at last all the colour papers will be burn. more chantimg and Kowtou to the statue of the God of fortune, finished up with an open banquet on the temple ground. interesting ceremony!

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26th April 2013

Randomly came across your blog and you have some great photos from interesting places. Looking forward to more! :)

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