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December 21st 2012
Published: December 22nd 2012
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After a 3 months break in Yuanyang I back on my bus journey again. 5 hrs to Luchun then 6 hrs to Jiangcheng(just heard the news said travel between Peking and Guangzhou with the fastest train nowaday only take 7 hours!!!!). a tough journey in one day! although road condition had been upgrade a little but still....together with the killing smoke of cigarette, terribly loud in-bus music and the surround sound of shouting phone conversation! it gave me brow ache by the time I made it to Jiangcheng. The weather in this winter is so pretty, sunny most of the time, especially in fog, no rain, not even cold! amazing. that why I wasn't keen on making a move this year, I did enjoy hiking around Yuanyang on a clear day even there are less and less routes to be walk on. anyways....there still many festivals I gotto visit somewhere. Came again to the Hani Linianjie festival in Jiangcheng. this year it fall on the notorious predicting date of " The end of the world"! well...I headed right into celebration for a New year of this Hani people. end of the world??? at least gotto wait until the festival finished first!! No surprise in the festival for tribal costume as I had seen all from last year. the 3 days feast mostly for the vendor, the one a year event for clean house sell, they took whatever left in their storeroom and sell it here. thing only happened on the second day where they held some performence and the big banquet. pigs and chickens had been slaughter, baskets of fishes ready...unluckily I couldn't wait for the banquet as it won't start until after 5pm(last year served by noon time!!!!), where I might face the danger strand with no transpotation back to Jiangcheng. looked at the food my mouth drifted! was feed with cheap junk food for the last few months, not even sure whatever intake inside my body were you know...this country is full of counterfiet products. name it! so whatever freshly killed right in front of you seem more certain. oh no...only the couple of bottles of alcohol on the table...just remember the news said even the Royal brand - Maotai added Plasticizer! cannot get away with the drinking part by sitting down with your chopsticks. that's your life in your own hands pals! it might turn out not the end of the world but the end of your life!

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