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June 20th 2009
Published: August 25th 2011
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Yunnan, the southwestern province of China, as mysterious as Tibet, the major number of minority ethnics of China. Famous by the natural beauty and the exotic culture.
This time our destination is north of the province, Lijiang old town, Shangri-la and Kawakarpo.
Lijiang old town, famous by Naxi culture, Naxi is a minority ethnic of China, they have own writing, just like a drawing, like a primitive Chinese writing, nowadays nobody knows how to pronounce it, only the old ones can know the meanings of the writing and know how to draw them. The local government trying to protect the Naxi culture, they are asking for the people want to stay in the Lijiang old town to learn about the Naxi writing, and who wants to open a store there must use the Naxi writing for the outdoor. Naxi people also have a notable longevity, there is a Naxi orchestra made over 70 years age old man.
Near to Lijiang old town, there is the Yulong mountain, one of the most famous mountain there, by it's beauty and it's fauna and flora, the people there extract a lot of medicine herb from the mountain, and the most famous case is the doctor He Shi Xiu, he is famous around the world, healing so many people by his herbs, my friend from Brazil also used his herb, and I just found the post receipt of my friend there.
On the path to Kawakarpo, the frontier mountain with Tibet, we passed by Tiger leaping gorge, a deep valley with strong river, and Shangri-la, a beautiful and calm region occupied basically by Tibetan.
Kawakarpo, the holly mountain for Tibetan, also known as medicine herb mountain for Tibetan, every year thousand of Tibetan do the pilgrimage walking around the mountain Kawakarpo. There were 2 tries to conquer the mountain, there was team made by Japanese and Chinese, the best Japanese team, and they failed, 17 members died in 1990, after 6 years they tried again, but they didn't proceeded the journey because of the snow storm forecast, and that was the signal of the God's rage for the Tibetan, they won't allow anyone to conquer the peak of the holy mountain, after that the Chinese government prohibited the climbing of the Kawakarpo mountain. After years of the incident from 1990, the people found the bodies in the Kawakarpo glacier (Ming Yong), located at 2700 meter height, one of the lowest altitude glacier in the world.
The Yunnan trip is one of my favorite in China, who wants the adventures and exotic stories, I strongly recommend the Yunnan province, I will be back there so many times if I could.

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