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Asia » China » Yunnan » Mei Li Snow Mountain August 11th 2018

Hi All It was an 8 hour journey from Daocheng to Shangri-la through a beautiful river gorge along roads which were generally good. After an overnight in Shangri-la we took a bus for another 4 hours to Deqin. To get to Mingyong we had to hire a car for 150 RMB. The journey to Mingyong was wonderful with the mountains in the background as we descended into the Mekong river gorge. Just so pretty. The price structure had changed for the park and a ticket for the glacier cost 78 RMB. Mingyong is a small farming village with a few hotels and a few restaurants and little else. Our driver was telling us that he remembers that it used to take his grandparents 2 weeks to walk to the nearest town and back. Up early and ... read more
Mekong river

Asia » China » Yunnan » Mei Li Snow Mountain July 13th 2014

Po příletu do Číny jsem relativně rychle projel západní, velehornaté části provincií Sichuan a Yunnan, osídlené hlavně Tibeťany. A do mnoha zajímavých oblastí jsem se nestihl podívat - např. jsem zkrátil trek v oblasti sedmitisícovky Minya Konka, nejel jsem k slavné buddhistické akademii v Sedě a také jsem se vůbec nedostal k nejvyššímu pohoří Yunnanu, šestitisícového masivu Khawa Karpo (či Kawagarbo nebo jinak podobně), čínsky Meili Xueshan (梅里雪山). V červenci je sice období dešťů, takže počasí není zrovna nejlepší na cestování, zvlášť v horách, ale co se dá dělat, když se tam chci podívat. Nedávno dokončená silnice zkrátila dobu cesty z Kunmingu do místního střediska Deqin (德钦县, vyslovujeme zhruba jako „Děčín“; tibetsky Dêqên či Dechen) na pouhých 12 hodin. Vzhledem k povinné noční pauze ta... read more
Peřeje nad Mingyongem
Horní chrám Gontö
Ledovec Mingyong

Asia » China » Yunnan » Mei Li Snow Mountain » Yubeng February 3rd 2011

The next morning we lazed about and watched the New Years TV specials on both the regular Han Chinese CCTV and the Sichuan Tibetan channel. One act that stands out was an outer-space-themed acrobatic dance performed by men in pink spandex Tron costumes who tok themselves very seriously. I also enjoyed seeing traditional Tibetan dancing, costumes and music, which I had not seen before. Besides Si Tu and me, everyone from our original group left. The two of us stuck around for the New Years celebration. That afternoon, the men sat across from each other in a clearing (um we were all basically sitting in Yak poop) and drank, aate snacks, told jokes, and sang song. I guess as the weird foreigner I was allowed to go to these guys-only things. They provided Si Tu and ... read more
Bowl of Snacks
Tough Old Tibetans

Asia » China » Yunnan » Mei Li Snow Mountain » Yubeng February 1st 2011

The next morning we woke up at 7:30 to prepare for the 8 am sunrise hitting the mountain peaks. Most of my companions had some pretty serious cameras. One guy had even lugged his tripod into town. They also had foreign expensive brand-name outerwear that I think were not fakes. These upper-middle class adults from big cities were really used to foreigners, so they were totally normal with me, which was a huge relief. (I have an instinctive desire to not make eye contact and run away when approaching groups of Chinese people I don't know!) There were fewer clouds than the day before, and the sun on the peaks started red and turned to fire orange. I enjoyed my coffee on the deck as I watched the show. We then headed inside for a hearty ... read more
Good Morning, Lower Yubeng
Hiking Crew
Base Camp

Asia » China » Yunnan » Mei Li Snow Mountain » Yubeng January 31st 2011

We got up early the next morning to watch the rising sun fall on Meilixueshan's various peaks, but we were clouded out. The three of us joined to other hikers in Feilaisi, an accountant from Hangzhou and a graphic designer from Beijing (with a wicked Beijing accent), and together we took a minivan to the hot springs near Xidang to start our hike. The van was 200 kuai total or 40/person. On our way in, we had to buy 80 kuai (40 student) entrance tickets. To get to the village of Yubeng, we started at 9,000 feet, hiked to a mountain pass (yakou) at 12,000 feet, and then descended to the village valley at 11,000 feet. From the beginning, I was breathing quite heavily and I was always grateful when we took a break to let ... read more
Jiang Wei
Colorful Shelter Walls
Huddled Around The Fire

Asia » China » Yunnan » Mei Li Snow Mountain » Yubeng September 3rd 2008

Le réveil à Feilai Si est splendide : le soleil se lève et éclaire les montagnes en face de nous. D'ailleurs, tous les minibus et taxis en route vers les lieux touristiques s'arrêtent dans le hameau pour prendre des photos. Nous n'avons pas le temps de prendre un petit déj, le minibus qui doit nous emmener nous attend déjà avec la coréenne et le couple d'étudiants chinois qui partagent les frais avec nous. Le trajet en minibus est super long (2h) comparé à la distance à vol d'oiseau qui nous sépare de l'arrivée, car il faut descendre les flancs de la vallée du Mekong pour aller chercher un pont loin au nord, passer ce pont (ne pas oublier de payer le guichet bien sûr) et remonter la vallée vers le sud pour revenir à peu près ... read more
Vue sur le Meili
Le but de la 1e journee

Asia » China » Yunnan » Mei Li Snow Mountain June 12th 2008

So because I'm quite far behind in my blog I've decided to consolidate some of the days together. 08/06/08 to 12/06/08 saw myself and Kathy traveling the Meili Snow mountains area. It was a 6 hour bus ride from Shangri-la but well worth the trip. Upon arrival we took part in my first ever Jewish Sabbat. We stayed in the best, most helpful hostel ever in Felasi (where we began our hike for Yubeng). It was called the Meili Youth hostel (20 RMB per night) and was run by this guy called Kelsang who was actually Tibetian and was stuck in China and couldn't get back home due to the border closing. During Sabbat Jian entered in just as the desert was being distributed and me and Kathy had our own celebration because we didn't think ... read more
on the way to Daichin 08/06/08
Daichin 08/06/08
Daichin 08/06/08

Asia » China » Yunnan » Mei Li Snow Mountain October 15th 2007

Into the Depths of the Tibetan Plateau May 2007 The snow began to dust our bus windows soon after we began our accent up the mountains past Zhongdian, aka “Shangri-La” (the city of James Hilton’s mysterious monastery in his novel ‘Lost Horizon’). The bus floor was completely coated with a thick layer of hawked loogies by the time we reached 14,000 feet ~ a winter wonderland where only the tips of roadside tents protruded from the snow. After a horrific night in a sketchy hotel in Deqin, our vomit record so far was a 7 out of 15 students. And so began our competition, “who would be the last to vomit!” Proceeding a short delay for a hospital run (bruised ribs), we arrived at the village of Yangze. And so… the adventure began!! I took my ... read more
Deqin Market
Yongze Bridge
Prayer flags and Wheel

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