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Asia » China » Yunnan » Lower Yubeng October 8th 2018

September 23 - Yubeng Village-Día 94 Walking up at 6:30am to see the sunrise. At sunrise it was the best opportunity to see the great Meli Snow Mountain Range. After, the clouds tend to come in and cover the peaks. My lucky morning since the clouds seemed to have let us see the majestic Mt Kawagarbo. The tallest and holiest mountain in the region of Yunnan. Unclimbed till the present day. The BEST moment was when the sun hit the top of Mt Kawagarbo  and spread itself over all the top section of the range. It was a magestic moment. Understanding why the Tibetans consider them as the holiest mountains. Soon enough the clouds came in and covered the mountain range from our view. As if the curtain in the theater had been closed. After such ... read more
The sun hitting the massive mountains
Upper Yubeng Village
Unreal peace and quiet in Yubeng

Asia » China » Yunnan » Lower Yubeng May 31st 2012

The bus ride from Shangri La to Deqin was probably one of the worst I have ever been on mainly due to construction along the road, the way the drivers pass or go around blind bends on the wrong side of the road, and the dangerous mountain roads where you are surely dead if you go off the edge. Our 6 hour trip turned out to be 7 and a half hours so we arrived at 7.30pm and then stood around for a while before a minibus driver told us that he would take us to Feilai Si (3,360metres) for $1 each. About 15 minutes later we arrived at the temple where there are quite a few hotels and restaurants and a great view of the mountains including the 6,740 metre high Kawa Karpo. Aleksei and ... read more
View from Feilai Si
Feeding the animals cardboard in the main street of Xidang
Xidang to Lower Yu Beng

Asia » China » Yunnan » Lower Yubeng May 27th 2007

The taxi first took us from Fei Lai Si to Xi Dang village along roads hugging the steep side of the valley. We saw the landslide that had blocked access to the Mingyong Glacier - it was huge yet we saw 3 people, hands joined, inching across its treacherous surface. From Xi Dang village, we then drove to some hot springs, lopping 7km off our route and requiring us to walk through several sections of loose rock as otherwise the taxi would be too heavy (and even then we had to push). It would appear that the road maintenance budget for this part of Yunnan has totalled roughly 0 yuan for the last few years. The trail over the Nazongla Pass started at the hot springs and went up and up and up. Due to the ... read more
3 piglets vs 2 tourists stand-off
Mountain flower

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