Photos from Lijiang, Yunnan, China, Asia - page 3

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Lost in the Countryside
The Dragon Pool Pavilion
Yi Woman invited us into her home
Sleepy village close to Baisha
Kids playing in Lijiang Old Town
Tourists have arrived
Naxi Tribes Women
Amazing Hiking
The spirit of Lijiang
Nighttime Lijiang
Breathtaking vistas
Tibetan hostel
Tibetan hostel
Dog, Rooster, Man
Jill and Dutch John
Check the Guy in the Backward
My favorite day yet!
And it became stupidly dangerous
It started with an easy strole
well you have got an elbow for sure
Goats on the hike
People and the river
Lijiang beer cooler
Chinken feet and Naxi bread , which was fried and quite heavy to eat.
The streets of Baisha 1
Street scene in Lijiang 1
Black Dragon Pool Park
Some Dali locals
Black Dragon Park near Litang
I'm in China!
Typical postcard picture
Overview of the MuFu Palace
Nice looking but a dreadful singer
Lijiang by night
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