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October 27th 2009
Published: October 27th 2009
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It is now late afternoon on our first proper rest day. sorry for repeating myself this morning, it must be the heat making me forget what I have written about this amazing place. The Jade Dragon Park was interesting and heard a Folk Band playing just like we should hear tonight. The lake also bubbles if you clap your hands - or is this a co-incidence. The old square had folk dancing at lunch time and allowed me to take pictures and video of people in traditional costume. The variety of Chinese facial characteristics is huge due to its vast area and make very interesting photo shots, especially if you can do it without them knowing. I look forward to seeing all my shots on my return and listening to my Chinese Folk Music CD's. China is a very cheap country, even thought the pound has strengthened by about 40% in the last 6 months, although tourist places such as Ligiang and Dali cost more. We have been paying about one pound in the country for a banquet but in Ligiang a coffee can cost between a pound and one pound eighty.
The landscapes here are picturebook stuff and exactly as portrayed on traditional photographs and pottery etc. We went to a museum this morning, which had a model of Yunnan, Tibet and part of Burma. It is a huge area of steep mountians and valleys. It showed all the major rivers and the Yangtze, which has its first bend since its source in Tibet, which we will see on our way to Quiatou tommorrow.


27th October 2009

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Hi Richard, Finally got round to reading your blog, thanks to Steph reminding me. China sounds an amazing place. Definitely a country of contrasts. We're looking forward to seeing the piccys. Are you not 'fed' up with noodles yet??? I like the sound of the banquets - but I wonder what you actually get ..... Do you know exactly what you're eating? The loos sound lovely. See you soon. Continue to keep safe. Love Kay and Geoff xxx
28th October 2009

Other Meats....
I found that the chinese are very open & honest about the food they serve in restaurants. In Yuangshou near Guilin the menu boards had all manner of animanls that westerners wouldn't dream of eating & in Kunming I saw a skinned dogs head (& tail) on a street side meat stall!!! Insert your reaction here....................

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