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July 17th 2007
Published: September 21st 2008
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Dr HoDr HoDr Ho

Medical Doctor
Day 1

We took a bus that afternoon into Lijiang and we were a bit disappointed when we arrived because it looked like everything was under-construction, but then we later realised we were in the outskirts (again like what happened in Dali) so we made our way to the MCA hostel, which was without a doubt amazing! It was clean, had a great view of the whole of Lijiang and great staff and other people staying there. We got settled in and then took a walk around to get our bearings and it was very easy to co-ordinate around the town. It was as if it was in a circle. At night we walked into the nightlife section of Lijiang which I thought was amazing, touristy yes, but it was amazing to see people having singing competitions off the balconies of the resturants. We went into a bustling one and watched it all occur. They had dancing in the streets and it was just a great atmosphere. We didn't have a late night because we were all a bit tired from the journey, so we headed back to the hostel for a good night sleep.

Day 2

Lijiang Old Town Lijiang Old Town Lijiang Old Town

Lijiang Old Town Jess' Camera
the morning we had a banquet of food, a bit too much and then walked to the tourist branch to check if it was safe to walk the Tiger Leaping Gorge and they said it was and you wouldn't need a tour guide, so that was good to get some quality and honest information from a tourist place. We ended up walking up this mountain to a old palace and looked over the old town and then talked to a local artist for a while. Late on we decided we should just relax and drink some juice looking over the city. We found a place with a view and sat back and relaxed. At night we thought we would try and find this bar we had heard about called the 'sexy tractor' and when we eventually found it we had a few drinks with the local forgeiners. On the way out (late at night) we ran into some crazy Chinese people singing to each other and we ended up talking and singing with them for a while before we had to climb over the fence of our hostel to get to bed.

Day 3

Eventually we woke up
Raining in LijiangRaining in LijiangRaining in Lijiang

Being caught in a rain storm
and had one more day to look around Lijiang and prepare food and water for the hike through the Tiger Leaping Gorge. After everything was organised for that we went to a place called Batang (I think) and we saw the famous medical healer (I forgot his name). He was famous for curing cancer and leukemia, after we heard about his life he gave us some medicine for our journies. Before we left the town we had lunch in this small resturant which served amazing dumplings. After a confusing ride back to the hostel, we kicked back and relaxed because the next day we would begin the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge Trek.


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