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Asia » China » Yunnan » Jinghong February 16th 2015

Eind januari had ik eindelijk 6 volle dagen vakantie. Ik wilde heel graag naar het Zuiden van China en vond uiteindelijk enkele kennissen die meekonden. Reizen met mensen die je niet zo goed kent is echt leuk! Ik nam het vliegtuig helemaal alleen want de anderen reisden op een ander moment of wilden geld sparen en namen de trein. Die doet er 35 uur over om het massale land te doorkruisen. Een van mijn reisgezellen, een Fransman, wilde nog meer geld sparen en boekte niet eens een ‘sleeper’ maar gewoon een ‘hard seat’. Dat is zoveel als een houten plank om op te zitten, non-stop voor 35 uur, heen en terug! Avontuurlijke kerel, we hebben heel de reis gelachen met alle toeren die hij uithaalt om het goedkoop te houden. Toen hij naar Xi’an reisde boekte ... read more
De rijstvelden
Let's take a selfie with a Chinese woman!
干杯 "Gan bei!" (schol!)

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jinghong June 16th 2014

Čína má dvě oblasti, které se obvykle považují za tropické. Za prvé ostrov Hainan v jihočínském moři, které je sice jinak dějištěm mnoha sporů mezi okolními státy, ale provincie Hainan samotná je jinak součástí Číny skutečně velmi dlouho. A za druhé jižní část provincie Yunnan, hraničící s Laosem a Barmou, zvaná Xishuangbanna (西双版纳州). Oficiálně je to autonomní prefektura, spravovaná daiskou národností (Dai), což jsou blízcí příbuzní Thajců a Laosanů; vzdáleněji také ovšem Zhuangů, další z oficiálních čínských národností, žijících hlavně v provincii Guangxi (广西). Samotný název Xishuangbanna mi stále připomíná jamajsko-ostravské slovní patvary brutwanna, rastakayakwanna, sfusama atd. od skupiny Buty, ale zdroj jména je samozřejmě jinde, v původním daiském správním členění "dvanáct okresn... read more
Kaučuk u Menglong
U Černé pagody v Menglong
U Černé pagody v Menglong

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jinghong September 25th 2013

And so after that brief one week transit in Laos, and another 7h bus ride later, I say hello to the Middle Kingdom. Crossing the Boten-Mohan border, it became apparent very quickly that I'd entered another country. Gone were the quiet small-laned streets and rural backdrops. Enter large, super-highways, flanked by equally imposing but tackily opulent buildings. Yes, welcome to China, centre of the ongoing Asian economic miracle. And my first stop was Jinghong, the capital of the Xishuangbanna region in Yunnan province, in the far southwest of this large country. Despite it being very much a secondary city, it could hardly be more different from my last stop in Laos. Bustling, with lots of people. LOUD-talking people (we are in China after all), many conversing in what I presume to be some kind of Yunnanese ... read more
Rock Gambling
Say what?

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jinghong April 7th 2013

Geo: 22.0057, 100.8Have spent a very relaxed last few days in Jinghong. Despite looming development, Jinghong very much remains a laid back jungle town. Unlike the normal giant Chinese metropolises you can walk from one side to the other in less than an hour. Plus the palm trees and peacock/pagoda lamp posts everywhere make it a beautiful city. Peacock Lake is the place to go to see everyday traditional Chinese life in action. Retired men take their birds for a walk and gather to play chess, mah-jong and gamble. Ladies take their grandchildren for a walk and join in impromptu karaoke with a portable amplifier. This was our favourite place to wander. There appears to be some wonderful places to visit in the region - village treks, jungle walks, hidden waterfalls, botanical gardens...However we opted to ... read more
Binjiang night market
Favourite shao kao
Please don't make me do that Mummy!

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jinghong April 5th 2013

Geo: 22.0057, 100.81km down the road from our hotel in Jinghong is Manting Gongyuan. We didn't have high hopes but it turned out that this is a fantastic place to visit. Much quieter than other 'theme parks' in the area, the paths are surrounded by dense tropical plants and birdsong. We stumbled upon a Buddhist temple which took us completely by surprise. Isaac loved whacking the giant drums. Whilst enjoying the scenery we bumped into a chatty elderly chinese gentleman from America who followed us around for the rest of our visit. We watched a peacock dance show (people dressed as peacocks rather than actual peacocks themselves!)... read more
Hello dragon!
Another dragon!
Front of temple

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jinghong March 31st 2013

Geo: 21.9736, 100.816On Easter Day we flew from Kunming to Jinghong. It was Bill's Dad's first time on a plane. he is travelling with us (and slowly driving me insane despite never speaking a word to me!) Jinghong (the region capital) is charming. I love it! Here I can still find all the things I love about China:BBQ (shao kao) stalls everywhere all night long.Beer for 30pMilk tea (nai cha) stallsAvailable taxisBig squares for dancing and gathering at nightFruit sellersTraffic lights that tell you how long you have to cross Nonsense signs in EnglishLadies wearing t-shirts with 'juicy' written in the back.The palm tree lined roads are a bonus! (Though watch a coconut doesn't fall on your head!) Plus nobody's told me that Isaac is too cold! We visited the Virgin Forest Park. Once Bill had ... read more
Baby melons
Thailand street

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jinghong March 8th 2013

We left later the next morning on what was to be our second last day in China. Mr Jong collected us and our luggage (which seems to have grown in the last two months) and we drove on the same road that we had travelled by local bus on our search for the elusive Manna'nan a couple of days before. Mr Jong was unaware of the village as well so where the guide book got the information from remains a mystery. Our first stop was in Jinuo Shan, a tiny village where a small minority group called the Jinuo live. The women of this minority wear a distinctive white peaked hood. When we arrived we felt as if we were back in Zhoaxing in Guixhou Province as a pig slaughter was just about to begin. The ... read more
Dai women in the gardens
Tossing and rolling the tea leaves
Preparing the chillis

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jinghong March 4th 2013

Bus trips in China are often confusing - the bus stations move, drivers tend to drop their passengers outside of the terminals (often streets away) or you end up at a totally different bus station than the one that your guide book mentioned. And that is after you have had the challenge of actually purchasing the ticket! That is Jerry's job - I'm more than content to look after the luggage whilst he battles the queues and language difficulties. Upon our arrival in the busy traffic of Chengdu two and half hours later our bus stopped and everybody got off - it was not the bus station we had left from previously and should have returned to but a city street. We had no idea where we were... After being deserted by all the other passengers ... read more
The view when we opened our curtains first morning in Jinghong
It was hot.....
Heat induced snooze...

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jinghong September 19th 2012

I get to Xishuangbanna and stay at possibly the world's worst Hostel. If you are ever in the area do NOT go to Many Trees International hostel. If the morose and relentlessly barking dog weren't bad enough then the surly receptionists with little to no English and crap mis information, the absene of decent restaurant or bar, the hardest – plywood beds with risible 2 inch sheets for mattresses, dirty toilets, stained bathrooms make up for it. Its vile. What's worse is i've told a couple of people in Dali i'll be there who promptly follow – I feel guilty. There is a nice hostel with adjoining cafe and restaurant in Xisuangbanna– its called the Mekong. Stay there. Now that we are on the border to Laos its nudging 30 degrees again. The city is hot ... read more
Outside the hostel
Goodbye bamboo

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jinghong October 14th 2011

I've heard it said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. That being the case I can announce that I am totally in love with China. The food has been more than great. We have enjoyed the food immensely and haven't had to worry about our health. How often can you say that about traveling in the hinterlands? First, let me mention the fruit. I think it was Chongqing where Jacob, for the 25 hour train ride south, picked up a citron, a large yellow citrus fruit reminiscent of grapefruit but larger, almost as big as a bowling ball. The four of us dubiously watched him peal the citron. Indeed, it resembled a dry grapefruit and promised to be just about as good. But, lo and behold, we liked it. Not a ... read more
Jim enjoying sumptious dinner in Chongqing
Pickled veggies in Menghun market
Fruit stands piled high in Menglun

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