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Asia » China » Yunnan » Jianshui January 14th 2013

We left the terraces the same one we had arrived - dragging our cases through the heavy fog along the slippery paths and over the haystack in the car park to the waiting taxi. Costs this time were shared with another couple however. Our driver (the same one we had used for our market trip) left us with a hug at the bus station in Nansha where we purchased a ticket (60yuan) to Jianshui, 5 hours away. Another long day of travelling (with the over two hours just to arrive at the bus station in Nansha added on) saw us arrive in Jianshui late in the afternoon. The city was once a key trading point during the Qing dynasty and has now developed into a low key tourist town for the Chinese. The old town is ... read more
Shop front
Street scape

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jianshui September 15th 2011

Jian Shui Lying to the south end of China's deepest lake, Fuxian Hu, Jian Shui, along with it's near neighbour Tonghai makes an interesting place to visit. Jianshui, apart from it's large city gate, boasts China's second largest Daoist Temple, dating from the thirteenth century, Zhu Jia Hua Yuan (Zhu Family Gardens) and a little outside Jian Shui are sights such as Shuang Long Qiao (Double Dragon Bridge) which was originally constructed in the Qing Dynasty and later expanded and Tuan Shan Cun (Tuan Mountain Village) which is home to Zhang Jia Hua Yuan (Zhang Family Gardens). Jian Shui is renowned for it's pottery. A large village on the outskirts of the old town is devoted to the production of a particular type of pottery made from local clay that is burnished to produce a high ... read more
confucian temple-jianshui

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jianshui December 28th 2010

Christmas in Kunming Kunming is not very remarkable as a city, but we decided to spend Christmas here since we could stay in a nice hostel with great facilities and also have access to everything the big city can provide. Also, it makes a decent transportation hub for places we want to see in the area. Transportation within the city, however is another story... There are also some great cheap DVD shops which is just what we needed for some holiday down-time. Our Christmas tradition at home is to have a fondue on Christmas-eve, so we decided to go for the Chinese variant of fondue – the hot-pot. We headed out for dinner and foolishly forgot our trusty Chinese-English food menu. We haven’t needed it in a while since most places we’ve been to recently have ... read more
Fishing in the clouds
HOT pot
Orange flower

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jianshui February 7th 2010

Travelling - Stop 5 - Jianshui & Yuang Yang... read more
A very famous Confucian temple
Andrew grudgingly appearing in a photo :)
Me and the temple gates

Asia » China » Yunnan » Jianshui May 4th 2007

The bus journey to Jianshui gave us evidence that perhaps so far we'd been really lucky with public transport in China. This one left late, there was vomit on the outside of the bus and every so often a faint whiff inside, it was completely full, the driver tried to move us from our seats with legroom to ones without (but we insisted that people climbed over us instead), and almost all the guys chain-smoked, leaving me marvelling at how our lungs still functioned on 78% cigarette smoke and 22% vomit-tinged air. (I've hardly seen any women smoking, but they spit with as much gusto as the men.) The road was rough for most of the way (as in passengers were airborne occasionally). In the 2 years since my RG was published, things have clearly moved ... read more
Local transport
Panel at Zhujia Huayuan

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