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December 12th 2010
Published: December 12th 2010
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I have been able to recover one of my lost TravelBlogs, an entry I had prepared for publication many months ago. So as not to confuse this journey to the West of China two summers ago (2009) with last summers travels (2010), this 2009 journey was an official visit by the administration of Taizhou Teachers College to our Sister College in Yining, Xinjiang, in the far North-West corners of China. ... Read Full Entry

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Dinner is served, Photo 2Dinner is served, Photo 2
Dinner is served, Photo 2

The banquet table is long, and the guest are seated on the floor. The table is filled with all of the favorite Kazakh delicacies, of which I truly enjoyed delicious bread and butter and the sweetest golden grapes.
Dinner is served, Photo 3Dinner is served, Photo 3
Dinner is served, Photo 3

I did enjoy a few scewers of fresh-roasted mutton. But I could not forget the earlier scenes of the two mutton carcasses, and it limited my intake of meats.
Dinner is served, Photo 4Dinner is served, Photo 4
Dinner is served, Photo 4

Some dinner scenes.
Dinner is served, Photo 5Dinner is served, Photo 5
Dinner is served, Photo 5

More banquet scenes.
Dinner is served, Photo 6Dinner is served, Photo 6
Dinner is served, Photo 6

Inside the Kazakh Yurt, the atmosphere is turning every more festive.
Dinner is served, Photo 7Dinner is served, Photo 7
Dinner is served, Photo 7

A close-up of the most important delicacy offered to our college President, Mr. Xu. I am not sure if it is the head of the black or the white sheep???
Dinner is served, Photo 8Dinner is served, Photo 8
Dinner is served, Photo 8

Some of the local liquor always makes friends of strangers.
Dinner is served, Photo 9Dinner is served, Photo 9
Dinner is served, Photo 9

The local "depository". I will leave all of the commentary to your imagination.
Returning to Yining,  Photo 1Returning to Yining,  Photo 1
Returning to Yining, Photo 1

Scenes from the van, as we return to our hotel in the distant city of Yining, Xinjiang.
Returning to Yining, Photo 2Returning to Yining, Photo 2
Returning to Yining, Photo 2

Our driver had little patience for this cow, as it crossed the road in front of us.
Returning to Yining, Photo 3Returning to Yining, Photo 3
Returning to Yining, Photo 3

We pass local villages on the way to our hotel in Yining.
Returning to Yining, Photo 4Returning to Yining, Photo 4
Returning to Yining, Photo 4

Scenes from our van windows.
Returning to Yining, Photo 5Returning to Yining, Photo 5
Returning to Yining, Photo 5

Scenes from our van windows.
Returning to Yining, Photo 7Returning to Yining, Photo 7
Returning to Yining, Photo 7

The Friendship Hotel in Yining, our home during the visit to our Sister College.
Mr. Xu says good bye to the President of our Sister College in Yining.Mr. Xu says good bye to the President of our Sister College in Yining.
Mr. Xu says good bye to the President of our Sister College in Yining.

We all thanked our hosts for this special visit and for all of the adventures they offered us during our stay in Yining.
The Maglev Train of ShanghaiThe Maglev Train of Shanghai
The Maglev Train of Shanghai

Since I gave you some information about he rapidly developing train system of China, I thought I would share with you a few photos of this incredible train.
Maglev Train in Shanghai, Close-upMaglev Train in Shanghai, Close-up
Maglev Train in Shanghai, Close-up

The Magleve Train has carried millions of travellers from the center of Shangai to Puding Airport in minutes. High Speed trains and infrastructure are completed at an amazing speed and rate all over China. Also, in my city of Taizhou, high speed train travel will so be a reality.

12th December 2010

.........great life in China...man
12th December 2010
I did like the scewers of mutton-meat, but the image of a sheep did not leave my head.

haha,you did like why you will eat it~~~~~~~~~~!
12th December 2010
My Fellow Travelers in Xinjiang

very happy see your pic, thanks hans .
13th December 2010

Schneider! Haven't commented back in a long time, but I'm so happy to have this forum so that years after you left for China we can still keep up with what you're up to! We miss you so much here everyday and you really did eternally change our lives and made us better people. So happy to see you continue your enlightening travels and thank you for continuing to share them with us. You'd be proud to see that all of us that you left as juniors at Gables are almost out of college and ready to see what life brings us next (or almost ready, anyway). Love you! Thanks for keeping up with the blog :) -Celia
17th December 2010
My Fellow Travelers in Xinjiang

i just wanna say hi
i have no idea if u can notice my comment or recall me, i just wanna say hi to u. i was one of ur students at Taizhou Teachers College and i have graduated there for half a year. i am keeping improving my english though it seems to have no effect.to be here ur blog,it seems that i am back at our school with u and ur fat cats.....ahahah
30th January 2011
Sayram Lake near Yining, Xinjiang

This is so stunning. I wish so much to visit this regions so rich of tremedeous landscape, cool climate, but inhabited with warm people. Thank you for showing us your journey!
9th April 2011

Sehr interessante Photos! Leider kann ich nie den Sayram See besuchen, der liegt zu weit in der West. Ist das Rohrwasser (Wasserloch) aus einer Bergquelle? Die kleinen, gehorsamen Pferden koennen vielleicht gar nicht so schnell gallopieren wie ihren Europaeischen Vervandten. Ja, die Kochherde sind primitiv, ueberall in dem Land, Generationen waren ganz abhaengig davon, um allen Speissen zu vorbereiten, auch nur Stroh oder Holz wurden verbrant, sehr umweltfreundlich! Und, aufgespiesstes Lambfleisch schmeckt zwar lecker, der Toteskopf mit den Totesaugen scheint schon grauslich.
15th May 2012

Hi Hans,very nice pictures,i have more or less the same because we have a house in Yining.I am from Holland and work sinds 2008 in Azerbaijan as manager in a new pianofactory, (gilanpianos.com)The funny thing is when you are in the urgur district in Yining it looks like you are back in Azerbaijan on the country side.People are the same,killing sheeps the same but the food by the Urgur is way better and ofcource, the chinese food, the best for me.Still 1 or 2 years working and then the rest of my life i am in china to live and to travel. Wish you all the luck.

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