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August 31st 2007
Published: September 7th 2007
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Local Guide RazeilLocal Guide RazeilLocal Guide Razeil

Razeil, Our Local Guide in Urumqi
It seems like we have attracted nothing but bad Karma with Air China because as soon as we arrived in Urumqi, we were not able to get our luggage for almost an hour because the baggage door was stuck.

Our local guide, Razeil, is so beautiful. She looked chinese/middle eastern mix. She is Uigher, one of the 56 minority chinese in China. Uigher makes up 48% of the population in this providence. The minority chinese are exempted from the one baby policy.

Oh yeah, after my lost opportunity to take a picture of the Temple of Heaven, I decided to open up my camera and see if I can figure out how to fix the shuttle. I noticed one of the flaps was stuck so I just stuck finger in and pushed it up. I guess that flap has to do with the auto focus features because my camera only operates in manual mode. Making it very difficult for me take a decent image. Taking a picture now is like getting an eye exam, is it better turning right or left.

Xinjiang is 80% moslem. So for the next 5 days we will be eating moslem food in 100+ degree heat. The total population of Urumqi is 2 million. As we drive to our hotel, the streets remind me of Beijing in 1999 with a hint of modern buildings in the downtown area. All of the signs are in arabic, chinese, and uigher language


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