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Asia » China » Tibet October 14th 2023

3.10. Wir stehen früh auf und fahren zum Qutub Minar, einer Moschee mit schön verziertem Minarett aus dem 13.Jhd. Wir sind gleich bei Kassenöffnung da, und teilen den Komplex für die erste Stunde nur mit den Streifenhörnchen und Papageien. Das schöne Morgenlicht und die friedliche Stimmung, zusammen mit dem baldigen Abschied von Indien, stimmen uns ein wenig wehmütig. Dieses Land hat uns überrascht, erstaunt und manchmal auch verunsichert, aber wir haben uns hier wohl gefühlt. Das Reisen ist einfach, die Kommunikation mehrheitlich auch, das Essen schmackhaft und gesund, die Leute gastfreundlich und herzlich, nicht ein einziges Mal wurden wir bedroht oder hatten das Gefühl, man wolle uns reinlegen oder bestehlen. Wir freuen uns, dass wir in ein paar Wochen wieder zurückkehren dürfen und sind gespannt, wie es uns dann weiter im Süden ergehen wird. Für die ... read more
elegantes Eingangstor
Ruinen aus dem 13. Jhd
erste Besucherinnen

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa October 28th 2018

OMG - we overslept! We'd planned for months, spent muchos moolah and we slept in! I blame British Summer Time. I had no clue what continent we were currently on, never mind what time zone we were in, so I'd never adjusted the phone (and by association, the alarm) to take this REALLY IMPORTANT factor into account. Being stupidly British, my mobile decided to try to be clever and changed itself, without consultation, to GMT in the middle of the night and we slept in. The daft part was we didn't realise what had happened for a good casual half hour until I put my watch on and the brain couldn't compute what was happening. It was only after checking Steve's watch and dashing down to check the clock in reception that I had to tell ... read more
Or is it this one?
This one maybe?
The Himalayas

Asia » China » Tibet September 21st 2018

Ja, auf dem Dach der Welt, das allseits bekannte Zitat. Obwohl ich mich anfangs gar nicht wie auf dem Dach der Welt gefühlt habe, weil man ständig von noch höheren Bergen umgeben ist. Dazu müsste man wahrscheinlich schon den Everest direkt besteigen… Aber von vorn: Nach einem kurzen Zwischenstopp in Bangkok ging es für mich weiter nach Shenzhen in China, gegenüber von Hongkong gelegen. Hier habe ich Freunde aus Karlsruhe besucht, um dann anschließend für einige Tage nach Tibet aufzubrechen. Es war schön, mal wieder im Alltag einer Familie zu leben und sein eigenes Zimmer und Bad zu haben. Und es war auch schön, so normale Alltagsdinge hier in China zu erleben, wie ein Schulflohmarkt an der internationalen Schule (Bezahlen fast ausschließlich online), IKEA-Besuch auf Chinesisch (die Chinesen bewohnen das Möbelzentrum gleich richtig und schlafen in ... read more

Asia » China » Tibet » Everest May 9th 2018

We left Sakya early to make our way to Everest base camp with an estimated arrival of around 2pm. On the way we would drive over a few mountain passes and get to the highest point of our trip at 5,248m this is situated within Qomolangma National Nature Reserve (Qomolangma is the Tibetan word used for Everest) and it was here I would be leaving the scarf I received on my first day in Tibet, this was to be left with all the prayer flags and symbolises a prayer for myself and my family. After leaving the scarves and a few photos we continued on our journey, not too long later we stopped on the mountain pass and this is where I got my first ever glimpse of Everest - I was so excited! I never ... read more
Qomolangma National Nature Reserve
Peaks of the Himalayas
It’s there in the background!!

Asia » China » Tibet » Shigatse May 8th 2018

We set off in the morning for a walk into the local town to see the Tibetan way of life and to also make our way to the monastery. Walking through the town it was so quiet, with very few people around. Kandol talked us through the types of buildings on the road into the village. In traditional Tibetan houses the ground floor is for animals and the families live on the first floor. Walking through the streets, we saw a number of houses with tiny doors that even I would need to duck to get through! it was explained to us that the houses were built this way to keep the zombies out and they can’t get that low down to get in the house! We walked down a cobbled hill with a view of ... read more
Yak head on the windowsill
Street view

Asia » China » Tibet » Gyantse April 29th 2018

We set off after breakfast to head to the Drak Yerpa Monastery, we drove out of Lhasa city and the somewhat crazy traffic and set off for the mountain road. As we started to get higher the views just got better and better with snow capped mountains in the distance and the city below. We stopped on the mountain pass about 40 minutes in to the drive for a photo opportunity. There is a section of the road just covered in prayer flags and paintings of what look like ladders on the rocks to symbolise the steps to nirvana. Once a prayer flag has been placed somewhere they cannot be removed, they’re just left to nature and over time, the colours fade and the fabric disintegrates. I got off the mini bus and just looked in ... read more
It’s going to be a long walk to the top
Even monks need to do their washing!
Protector carved into the rock

Asia » China » Tibet April 27th 2018

The last 2 days have been pretty full on so I’ll combine them in to one blog... hopefully I don’t bore everyone too much :-) So the first full day in Lhasa started with a walk to Jokhang Temple, with a couple of stops along the way so we know where to get laundry done and where the supermarket is etc. You’ll all be pleased to know, I managed to buy deodorant! Hooray! Although it is a men’s one as it was the only one they had in the whole supermarket. Apparently, women don’t wear deodorant here. We walked down a few little backstreets and stopped off at a tiny shop selling rice and lentils and also a huge selection of yak cheese. Some of it is sold in small blocks sold on a string, one ... read more
Yak cheese to stop gossip!
Random dancing people in the street
Chef on a moped!

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa April 27th 2018

Today, I left Nepal and set off for Tibet. As a group, we were collected from the hotel around 9am to go to the embassy and collect our passports and permit to enter Tibet. Our flight was due to leave at 11:30am so it was a little bit tight in terms of time. Our guide left us waiting in the mini bus while he went inside to collect them, he returned to us around 10:15am and we still had a way to go to get to the airport and if the exit from Nepal was anything like the entrance it was about to be a complete nightmare! We entered the airport and went to the check in desk and were told that any batteries or aerosols in our check in luggage had to be removed and ... read more
Not a very good window pic but the best I was going to get!!
Mountains on the way to the hotel
Main Street in Lhasa

Asia » China » Tibet » Everest November 27th 2017

It was the start of my 10-day tour of Tibet—the Winter Special of the Tibetan Guide travel agency ( that included a trip to the Mt. Everest base camp—but all I could think of when I stepped off the train at Lhasa station was the altitude. At 12,000 feet it was higher than I’d ever been outside an airplane. Here the air was something new. How would I handle it? As it turned out after two days of discomfort—a mild headache and rapid heartbeat—I handled it fine, and I was left to marvel at how quickly the body adapts to new conditions, briskly getting down to the business of accommodation. Aside from this little hitch in the pleasures of travel, I was enjoying Lhasa greatly: Our tour of the dimly-lit yak-butter scented Jokhang Temple, our hike ... read more
tibet group pic-2

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa August 13th 2017

am We made it, much to our surprise and a few others no doubt. 13 hours in transport, only two movies, slipping. Finished a good novel of self-possession at Auckland airport, with Will Smith film Collateral Beauty at 20hours almost levitating with the beauty and inevitability of the human condition. Long may this last in the crush of humanity. Landed 6.30, Hotel, shower and on the street by 9am, lets get amongst it KK Long walk up the river, bar and food outlets, people exercising in every available space, large high rise and local markets, could have killed for a café after couple hours, hot and humid, not adventurous enough yet for the local food stops, eventually saved by the shopping mall food court. Jam packed, going off, large array of hot spicy Sichuan fast food, ... read more

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