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Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa October 28th 2018

OMG - we overslept! We'd planned for months, spent muchos moolah and we slept in! I blame British Summer Time. I had no clue what continent we were currently on, never mind what time zone we were in, so I'd never adjusted the phone (and by association, the alarm) to take this REALLY IMPORTANT factor into account. Being stupidly British, my mobile decided to try to be clever and changed itself, without consultation, to GMT in the middle of the night and we slept in. The daft part was we didn't realise what had happened for a good casual half hour until I put my watch on and the brain couldn't compute what was happening. It was only after checking Steve's watch and dashing down to check the clock in reception that I had to tell ... read more
Or is it this one?
This one maybe?
The Himalayas

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa April 27th 2018

Today, I left Nepal and set off for Tibet. As a group, we were collected from the hotel around 9am to go to the embassy and collect our passports and permit to enter Tibet. Our flight was due to leave at 11:30am so it was a little bit tight in terms of time. Our guide left us waiting in the mini bus while he went inside to collect them, he returned to us around 10:15am and we still had a way to go to get to the airport and if the exit from Nepal was anything like the entrance it was about to be a complete nightmare! We entered the airport and went to the check in desk and were told that any batteries or aerosols in our check in luggage had to be removed and ... read more
Not a very good window pic but the best I was going to get!!
Mountains on the way to the hotel
Main Street in Lhasa

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa August 13th 2017

am We made it, much to our surprise and a few others no doubt. 13 hours in transport, only two movies, slipping. Finished a good novel of self-possession at Auckland airport, with Will Smith film Collateral Beauty at 20hours almost levitating with the beauty and inevitability of the human condition. Long may this last in the crush of humanity. Landed 6.30, Hotel, shower and on the street by 9am, lets get amongst it KK Long walk up the river, bar and food outlets, people exercising in every available space, large high rise and local markets, could have killed for a café after couple hours, hot and humid, not adventurous enough yet for the local food stops, eventually saved by the shopping mall food court. Jam packed, going off, large array of hot spicy Sichuan fast food, ... read more

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa June 27th 2017

It doesn’t matter how much you hear about China, nothing can prepare you for the adventure that lay ahead. Or so it was the case with me. I was just 30 days into my globetrotting adventure and my first stop in China was Tibet. Tibet has a troubled history that began in the late 1950s after the euphemistically named ‘cultural revolution’ was kickstarted by China. During that time hundreds of thousands of Tibetans were killed and many more were imprisoned. Tibet has a troubled history that began in the late 1950s after the euphemistically named ‘cultural revolution’ was kickstarted by China. During that time hundreds of thousands of Tibetans were killed and many more were imprisoned. Following the takeover, Tibetans were persecuted and the Dalai Lama fled in the 1950s to India. Signs of the ‘cultural ... read more
Potala Palace, Tibet
The White Scarf
Spectator Vs Spectacle

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa June 21st 2017

Besuch beim Optiker, weil Brille kaputt. Er wollte leider meine mitgebrachten Werte nicht übernehmen, ließ mich durch seine Maschine schauen - und das war's für ihn. Passte garnicht. wir näherten uns mühsam einem besseren Wert an. 15 Minuten später war die Brille fertig. Nun ja, besser al garnichts. Sightseeing: Jokhang, Tempel, Potala Palast, Mediyin Tempel. Überall das Gleiche. Unmengen von lauten Touristen, Chinesen sind halt laut, Unmengen von Ramsch, der verkauft wird, es geht zu wie auf dem Oktoberfest... Im Potala Palast war ich vor 25 Jahren fast alleine, jetzt Absperrungen, Wàchter, Blitzdurchgang. Und das, obwohl man zuerst 500 Stufen hochsteigen muss. In einer Stunde ist man wieder draußen... Am Abend fing es wieder an zu rregnen, bisher hat es jede Nacht geschùttet. Die Regenzeit hat sehr frùh begonnen. Es gibt Berichte ùber Bergrutsche auf der ... read more

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa June 18th 2017

Abfahrt 8.00. Eigentlich eine ganz zivile Zeit. Aber in ganz China herrscht Peking Zeit und weil wir immer noch im Westen Chinas sind, ist dies eine Ortszeit von 6.30 ungefähr. Trotzdem war es schon wärmlich und das Beste: die Staßen waren leer. Gleich nach Tigri begann der Anstieg zu dem nächsten Pass, 6200 m. Den kannten wir ja schon von der Herfahrt, aber da war Nachmittag und eine wä'rmende Sonne schien. Jetzt war es nur kalt, auf der Passhöhe schneite es leicht und war geheimnisvoll neblig. Bis auf die Strassenoberfläche war alles von Schnee bedeckt.Es war wieder eine dieser traumhaften Fahrten durch den Schnee. Wohlfühlfaktor gering, Schönheit Maximal. Die Strasse ist in einem grauslichen Zustand, Wechsel zwischen Baustellen und Schlaglochpisten. Aber immerhin ging es stetig abwärts und damit wurde es wärmer. Shigaze, einst ein wichtiger Klosterstandort, ... read more

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa May 6th 2017

Great start to Tibet and also starting to get a little more acclimated to the altitude, in hindsight I think the tour was designed in such a way as to do some lighter touring in the first couple of days (with some stairs at the monasteries) before tackling the many steps at the Potala Palace and later on in the week Everest Base Camp... This day was all about the two major sites here in Lhasa: the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple...neither really needs an introduction, but for the sake of sake the Potala Palace was first built in the 7th century and then rebuilt/added on to by the fifth Dalai Lama in the 17th century, and became the official residence of each successive Dalai Lama and the center of Tibetan government...the palace consists of two ... read more
Decor at Jokhang Temple
Selfie at Potala

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa May 4th 2017

And away we go! Now that we mostly had our legs beneath us in China, it was time to get on to the main event: Tibet! After a final day of touring Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City in Beijing we made our way in the evening to the train station, next stop Lhasa... We received our tickets and prepared to board the 8pm train, only to discover we were not all together for this portion of the trip...we were all in "hard sleepers", meaning 6 bunks in a "room" with no door, fortunately K and I were in the same berth along with Alex and Kevin, Maria and Jinba were in another car and unfortunately Erin was all by herself in yet another car...her first time to Asia, talk about cultural immersion! A real trooper ... read more
Watching the World Go By
Deprung Monastery

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa October 12th 2015

After meeting up with the remaining members of the tour group in Chengdu the night before, we had an uneventful flight on Sichuan Airlines to Lhasa the following morning, with a clear sky giving us an excellent view of the terrain en route. This ranged from very mountainous, rocky outcrop with no vegetation to snow-capped peaks on the extremes of the Himalayas. Lhasa airport is around one hour drive from the city itself, and the trip in set the pattern for the general landscape we expect to encounter for most of the trip, again with very limited vegetation of any type. Lhasa sits at around 3,600 metres, so gave us our preliminary experience with the higher altitudes. Our first view of the magnificent Potala Palace, which served as the winter residence for all the Delai Lamas ... read more
... and by night
Inside the Jokhang Temple
One of the large incense burners in Barkhor Square

Asia » China » Tibet » Lhasa June 13th 2015

Day 10. Today we headed off for the highest fresh water lake in the world at over 5000m! It is a sacred site in Tibet. Beautiful winding valley road getting ever higher, so Oxygen at the ready! The lake is beautiful, still and surrounded by mountains. At 5,000m climbing a few short steps is unbelieveably tiring for me! Back down 1,000m for lunch stopping off to take photos of a small Tibetan village street and houses. The houses have ornate gateways and doors, the rest of the building being thick brick whitewashed walls. Along the walls were stacked Yak dung, which is dried and used for burning in the winter months. On to another temple called Sera Monastery, where the monks debate Buddhist scripture in a courtyard. Some are standing, others are sitting. The ones standing ... read more the world!
prayer flags and view
prayer flags

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