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August 22nd 2006
Published: December 2nd 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

You wouldn't believe what happened just now!

Thinking back, I guess that it's just part and parcel of travelling where the unexpected do make travel even more adventure I make sense!!??

Anyway, Tim, our tour group I/C just posed us with the question of the year. We were to choose only one for tomorrow's itinerary: The Shotun Festival @Drepung Monastery or Potala Palace. Choose only one! uno! ohne! satu! yige!

How to choose when we went to Tibet with the expectation of going to Shotun Festival tomorrow and the Potala Palace the day after. The festival being the focus of our trip and Potala being the very icon of Tibet's culture and identity??!! It's like been asked to pee or poo only for the day when everyone knows that you need to pee and poo in a day!!?? Haha...i know.....bad analogy in this case...but i suppose you get the picture.

Potala Palace is so well guarded by the Chinese that tourist are only allowed to visit the palace by registration and booking prior to visit. After allocation is given, tourist are only allowed to be in the premises for an hour. So, lucky us (the 20 of us) were given the slot to visit Potala at 8am-9am tomorrow morning...the time we were due to be awaiting the unveiling of the sacred Thangka at Drepung.

After much deliberation, most of us chose Shotun Festival except for Carina. Shotun after all don't come anytime of the year.

Shotun better not disappoint. For you, I have to be up by 430am and it's 1130pm now. I'm going to bed.....fingers crossed for a good day tomorrow.


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