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June 29th 2009
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woo hoo chinafied!
Ni Hao people we LOVE!
Well... the girls have been here for just over two weeks now, and we are getting very excited to move on from Tianjin to VIETNAM!!! The last two weeks have been awesome. I was really starting to get homesick, especially on my birthday, but two of my lovely girls helped to make it very special. School has just been finishing up here. It was nice that the girls got to meet some of my students, but that meant that I had to work during the weekdays. It was a little lame- since I so badly wanted to be exploring and hanging out with my girls... BUT this has forced them to have to learn a lot on their own 😊 which is great- it has made for some funny stories.
John's friend Matt arrived on Friday. He is from Victoria too. Luke also came down from Dalian for the weekend, which meant the six of us were finally UNITED! I think its fair to say that we are going to make a great travelling team. Three lovely (and good looking- hehe) boys and two of my favourite girls. I am... well, we are all very lucky.
the girls :)the girls :)the girls :)

Anna, Kohley, Kristen and Celeste.... nailed it!

We spent the week getting our flights and visas for Vietnam under control. We fly in and out of HoChiMin July 3-Aug 2... We got multi-entry visas just in case we want to hop over to Laos for a bit. Nothing set in stone yet. Obviously you will be kept up to date 😊 I think everyone is just really excited to get there... the first stop (after HoChiMin) will very likely be a beautiful beach, where we can just chill for a bit. I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our last weekend was awesome! John and I have been working in TEDA, Tianjin since February, so as excited as we are to travel (and.. I will tell you- we are PUMPED!!!!) we are also a litlte sad to have to say goodbye to our home for the last four and a half months, and to some fabulous people that we have met along the way. To celebrate we had a "China Party." It didnt take long to get a sense of Chinese fashion... For example: anything shiny and sparkling is a go! nylon socks with sandals or heels is okay too. Actually Heels- all day everyday, whether you are walking, hiking, riding

in a common chinese position...
a bike- are also very "in," although I have no idea how these girls do it! So... we decided to celebrate by dressing in china gear. We took the bus and went out for dinner. Now, normally we get people staring at our "yellow hair!" but this time, we got a few giggles from people passing by. But really- The things we were wearing wern't so ridiculous! We see people wearing them all the time! (see photo: the cab drivers wear sleeves (like Kristen), and everyone uses umbrellas- mid day... (like Kohley) both of these are to protect you from the sun... and as for everything else- as I explained earlier, the shinier the better, and colours and patterns- well there is no clashing- its alllll GOOD!!!) Actually, it was really fun 😊 Great people, great clothes! It was really nice hanging out with the friends we have made here. Some come from Vancouver Island!! Woo hoo!! and a few from Toronto. Some new friendships to keep forsure 😊
So we are at our last few days in Tianjin. We want to take Matt to some of our favourite places before we head out on Thursday morning. We head into Beijing for one night before our flight Friday morning. We have some packing to do, and want to take advantage of having a washing machine and AC before we start carrying our lives on our backs for the next four weeks... YIPEE!!!
The next time you hear from us we will be in VIIIEETTTNAMMM!!!! alllllRRIIiigghttt!!! 😊
Love of love from us to you... 8500km's away.
love n' peace,


30th June 2009

Don't Let her Fool You
Don't let Kohle fool you, she wears that stuff at home too!
6th July 2009

If you ever strike out at ball, THAT'S the outfit you have to wear.

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