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Asia » China » Tianjin » Bin Hai Xin Qu July 25th 2012

Today's original plan was to start at 8:30 am. However, due to rain (not heavy at all), the outing was delayed at least an hour. We visited Tianjin Cultural Centre. The beautiful music fountain was put on show just for us. Then we visited the Music Hall, 2 art exhibitions and a gift store. We were back on campus for lunch at around 1:30 pm. In the afternoon, some students rehearsed for closing ceremony and some watched Kongfu video. Tomorrow, we'll have breakfast at 7, closing ceremony from 7:30 - 8:30. Then we'll hit the road. All of us are very excited because we are going to the Great Wall tomorrow! This is the third time I'm doing this entry. The internet is very unstable. I lost what I wrote twice because I thought it's not ... read more

Asia » China » Tianjin » Bin Hai Xin Qu July 24th 2012

Our kids are doing a lot of Kongfu now - Morning, evening and at Kongfu class. Now everything is geared to preparation for closing ceremony, which we may not be present. This afternoon we made dumplings. Our students enjoyed it a lot. Adrian (16) I’m having an amazing time at this camp, but it’s only thanks to the people I’ve met here, not the organized events. Today was fun because we actually got to go shopping and leave the campus for half the day. The staff really here care a lot about safety and all, but their limitations and punishments are just borderline retarded. But the people I’ve met here are amazing. I’m closer to them than half of my school friend. There’s just something that gets us close, and I have no clue what it ... read more
Let's get out!
Making dumplngs

Asia » China » Tianjin » Bin Hai Xin Qu July 20th 2012

Yesterday, as everyday, we woke at 6:50 a.m. with the usual wake-up call. We very quickly prepared ourselves for morning Kongfu exercises. These sessions, from run from 7:15 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. are led by teachers from the camp. It’s comical to watch each other try to master this art since we all demonstrate various levels of competency and energy levels at this early hour. Immediately following breakfast we attended our first session which was Chinese Language. Again, various levels of competency are demonstrated by our classmates during these Language sessions. Moving on to more exciting activities, we were also introduced to the ancient art of calligraphy, using ink and brush, and then painting, using only your hand as a brush. Practising the art of holding the calligraphy brush correctly and then working with the ink ... read more
Going to class
Kongfu class
In History museum

Asia » China » Tianjin » Bin Hai Xin Qu July 19th 2012

We arrived around 8:l0 pm on July 15. The camp site is about 40 KM north of Tianjin city. The first day was relaxing with Mandarin oral skill assessment in the morning and opening ceremony in the afternoon. I was out whole day to pick up a late arriving student at Bejing Airport. On July 17, Language and culture classes started. Our students had oral Mandarin, opera face painting, Chinese fashion history and calligraphy. Yesterday July 18, we went to TianAn Men Square and Forbidden City. The weather was not very hot and cloudy. We had to walk a lot, but our students were in high spirit. We have a few singing boys in our group. They kept singing all day. We had to stop them on our way back because other people needed to rest! ... read more
First game
Flag presentation on Opening Ceremony
Opening ceremony

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