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July 24th 2012
Published: July 24th 2012
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Our kids are doing a lot of Kongfu now - Morning, evening and at Kongfu class. Now everything is geared to preparation for closing ceremony, which we may not be present. This afternoon we made dumplings. Our students enjoyed it a lot.

Adrian (16)

I’m having an amazing time at this camp, but it’s only thanks to the people I’ve met here, not the organized events. Today was fun because we actually got to go shopping and leave the campus for half the day. The staff really here care a lot about safety and all, but their limitations and punishments are just borderline retarded.

But the people I’ve met here are amazing. I’m closer to them than half of my school friend. There’s just something that gets us close, and I have no clue what it is. I’m so glad I’ve met these people. I think we’re the only group that hangs out with people from other countries. It’s a lot of fun hanging out with the Swiss people who we are actually really chill with now, as well as the Venezuelan people sometimes. We even have our own handshakes, celebrations, beats and chants with the Swiss and the Swag Team. Swag!


Hi you guys! Im having a fun time here!!! Ive grown close to all the friends I have made. They come from all over: Toronto, Venezuela, and Switzerland! Today, we went shopping, which was amazing cause we got to get out of school and we got to buy stuff. Too bad I couldn’t get my panda (sad face). The some classes are fun, but others are really boring! My singing has improved because we sing everyday. Everyone at the camp LOVES my group’s singing! Ive took some photos, and I cant wait to show you two! China is a very beautiful place and I cant wait to come back again!!

PS I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have lots of stories to share with you two.

Desi (15)

Hellos were going to Culture Street in Tianjin. I am really looking forward to getting there so I can actually buy something since we’ve been stuck in the camp for so long. And maybe there will be some good food because I still find the food in the camp is atrocious so If I have to I will get McDonalds. In the camp I do enjoy the arts and craft but sometimes during language class I have no idea what’s going on and I lose concentration and dose of and I’m very disappointed I really wanted to learn how to speak mandarin. I like how we get to meet people fr4om other camps every one is very friendly but sometimes its hard to communicate due to there accents.


I’m having an amazing time at camp, along with the other people, if amazing means mosquitoes sucked up your nose, having no awesome-tasting chicken left, and being bored in Mandarin class. I don’t think anybody is learning much Mandarin. The people who don’t understand it don’t learn anything, and the ones who already speak it know most of it. A good way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it, but there’s no immersion in an enclosed university campus where the lingua franca among a lot of campers in English. We could go out and see the city, but everything must be completely risk-free. Oh, yeah, nd I want to put my name in again. JOSHUA

Henry (13)

I never have enough energy for the morning exercises! And it isn’t believable that the food and dorm are free! I was excited to come here but most of it is boring. We learn Chinese more than we paint and make stuff. I better make the good times at camp REALLY last…

JACK (12)

As I’m writing this, we’re going to the TianJin Culture Street. When this is online, we would have come back. So far, we haven’t been able to see much of China. According to the schedule, we will only be able to go on 3 tours. It was going to be fun you said. This is not that fun. We’re basically learning Chinese most of the time and we’re barely going anywhere. The best thing that we did so far is make the Chinese crafts like the mask and the fan. 3 more days until dismissal.

Clark (12)

I agree with Henry, I don’t think anyone would have the energy to do morning exercises! The thing I liked the most is that we got to make Chinese cultural arts and crafts, this means we go a bunch of souvenirs to take back to Canada…or wherever you’re from!

I don’t really like the language classes and the test we did because I think I’m pretty good at mandarin. I want to stay here longer….

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25th July 2012
Kongfu show

Kongfu show
Kongfu show..that's really nice great shot..I love Kongpu panda...style..

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