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July 19th 2012
Published: July 19th 2012
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We arrived around 8:l0 pm on July 15. The camp site is about 40 KM north of Tianjin city. The first day was relaxing with Mandarin oral skill assessment in the morning and opening ceremony in the afternoon. I was out whole day to pick up a late arriving student at Bejing Airport. On July 17, Language and culture classes started. Our students had oral Mandarin, opera face painting, Chinese fashion history and calligraphy. Yesterday July 18, we went to TianAn Men Square and Forbidden City. The weather was not very hot and cloudy. We had to walk a lot, but our students were in high spirit. We have a few singing boys in our group. They kept singing all day. We had to stop them on our way back because other people needed to rest!

The following are blogs from our campers. They wrote on the bus to Beijing until this laptop ran out of power. I had to search for a plug adapter to charge it. The internet here is very slow and not stable. There was some problem after the technician helped to set it up and sent out my first email.

HELLO.! This is the 4th day of summer camp, and the previous 3 days

have been amazing- for everybody. The food which we eat is served at the cafeteria. (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) There are soups, vegetables, meat, rice things, and fruits. MEXIE


Hey! Today is the day when we explore Beijing. In the beginning, the camp and its facilities were not as expected. However, now, after meeting new friends and making new memories, everything is turning out great. We are learning to adjust to a different environment and familiarizing with a new culture. Hopefully, we will return to Canada with lasting memories of our journey.


HI! Today we’re going to Beijing. These previous days have been pretty good. We made friends with people from Switzerland. The food is alright but I’m getting sick of Chinese food. Yesterday we painted Chinese masks made of clay. So far I’m having fun. Can’t wait to come home. Love you guys.


Hi there! Today we’re headed to Bejiing and Swag Team is singing loudly in the bus as we always do. I’m honestly having an amazing time here. When I first came I thought I’d be a loner in the corner, but who knew I’d made such great friends and formed such a great group and even became good friends with the people from Switzerland! Hanging out with these people, indoor or outdoors, whether we’re playing around or just singing and telling stories in the rooms, it’s amazingly fun. The activities organized are pretty fun as well. Honestly though, the people I’ve met are what’s keeping me hoping that this trip would just be longer. We even have nicknames for everyone that hangs out with us. Everyone else hates us and probably thinks we’re annoying, but they’re just jealous that we’re so good. Can’t wait to hang out with the other people again.


Hello there! Today were going to Beijing and I’m really looking forward to the Forbidden City. Were in the bus right now and the swag team is just rocking that music. This group has Adrian, Cameron, Nathan, Simon, Rebecca, Nikki and we’ve had an amazing time so far singing and playing songs wit h the Swiss camp. I really want some good food In Beijing because I haven’t been enjoying the meals that much only eating rice and sesame balls for every meal. I’ve been enjoying my room with my roommate we watch movies and have good conversations everyday. Have a good day


Hi!today we are going to bejing to go see the forbidden city and other things. Right now we are on the bus. It has been really fun so far. Really looking forward to bejing!


Hi mom and dad! I miss you two very very much!!!!! How are you doing? I’m doing amazing J Today we are going the Beijing to see the Great wall and the Forbidden City. I’ve made many new friends, even have friends from Switzerland. The food here is alright, but mom, you cook better haha. The rooms are nice and my roommate is cool. I have had so much fun! Can’t wait to see you guys! I love you two so much!!!!

Hi there! These last few days have been lots of fun! We have been inside participating in cultural and oral classes. This varied from mini mask painting, dressing up in dynasty clothing, and practicing calligraphy! I’ve learned lots and made tons of friends! Today is we finally get to get outside and explore Beijing, China I can hardly wait to see the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and Historic Museums! I’m finding the time change, understanding the mandarin teachers, changed itinerary, and the rooming facilities difficult to adjust to but am still enjoying myself! I miss you guys a lot and can hardly wait to see you!




Hi! You will be very happy to know that I am alive. 😉 How are you guys? It’s pretty dull here so far, but we’re going to the Forbidden City today! I have high hopes. The “hotel” (it’s actually an university dorm) was okay, but the first night we didn’t know how to work the AC, and practically froze during the night. Ha. Yesterday we painted Beijing Opera masks. That was fun! I am on the bus and am listening to the boys in the back sing. It hurts my soul. I miss you a lot (especially your cooking, Dad)!Hopefully I don’t get too homesick. Peace out!

These few days have been interesting. I really enjoyed painting the masks yesterday, it was really fun.

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19th July 2012

Saw you and your friends
Hi, Rebecca, Mom and I saw you and your friends on the pictures. We are so happy to know that you guys were interested in the activities. I believe you will learn more fun things and make many friends. Love always. Dad
19th July 2012

To Jenny Pan
Hi Jenny, We're glad to read your words. how about your jet-leg? Pls keep posting your status on this blog when possible. I wrote you a email, but you may not have chance to read it. If you got a new cell phone number, please call Uncle (or WaiPo/WaiGong) to tell him your phone # and ask him to email the # to us. Enjoy your trip now (you will have much time to enjoy my cooking after you come back). Have a good time. Dad and Mom.

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