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December 31st 2019
Published: January 18th 2020
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China was the most challenging country to visit, it took me loads of drama to enter Beijing, stay in Beijing and to exit Beijing. Not only the immigration regulations were strict, but the language barrier was also a massive issue. Chinese public security was extremely tight too, multiples surveillance cameras were installed like in every block of the city. Being in Beijing was frustrating at times, however, the sweet Beijingers made the drama forgettable.

I spent four days in Beijing under the Beijing 144 hours visa-free program. My travel point began in Beijing city, where I took half of the day to recover from long haul flights. I took it easy the next day by spending the whole day strolling around the city for tasty bites of traditional cuisine. The smell of Chinese food calls out where ever I go, which is hard to resist even when I am not hungry. Peking duck and noodles are a must-try! I also shopped at the famous Wangfujing Street for winter garments and souvenir which is a great way to end my day.

The second day, Mike my travel guide picked me up for a day trip to several places that included The Great Wall. We departed at 6am to avoid Beijing traffic. Mike told me to take a nap, so I slept in the car on the way as Mike instructed. When I woke up four hours later, I saw lots of snow in the village of Yanqing which was stunning.

Mike dropped me up to the cable cars to get to the Great Wall, I got excited and couldn't barely wait to start walking. He only gave me two hours in there before we headed to the next stops, so I spent it wisely by walking as far as I could and stare at the pieces of stones that are used to build it. This ancient masterpiece is truly magnificent! Even though I already knew the answer, I am still asking myself HOW did they do it back in the old days when engineering was different from today...?! It looked just how I had pictured it. It's massive, beautiful, historical, and icy in some areas.

And of course, my two hours are up rapidly! I rushed back to our meeting point where Mike waited. I told him that I definitely need more than two hours to walk the entire wall Mikey. The Forbidden City is coming next.


19th January 2020

Very nice

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