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December 9th 2011
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For sleeping on a couch we surprisingly slept pretty good. Tris laying with his feet toward me, and me laying with my feet toward him, we shared a blanket.

We met up with Sonya (Henry’s girlfriend) for lunch and enjoyed a spicy soup concoction with rice. She went back to school while Henry took us to a Chinese pet store. There was every animal you could imagine. Sting rays, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, ferrets, and of course my favorite; the doggies. We walked to Sonya’s University and went out for some more local food.

First stop was the line up to get some BBQ rabbit. Second stop was a restaurant famous for it’s frog hot pot. With snot running down to our chins, a pile of tissue beside us, our taste buds burned off, we ate the hottest meal we’ve experienced thus far on our trip. Chengdu is famous for it’s Sichuan spicy hot pot. Along with the frog we had a fish hot pot which was nicer on the mouth. It was bare-able to eat.

After the meal we caught a taxi to the popular Jinlee walking street. It’s a really pretty area with lots of red lanterns and lights, street stalls, little shops, people walking their dogs, restaurants cafes and pubs. Sonya being the sweetheart that she is bought Tris and I a hand painted ceramic panda which we can hang on our wall, and a Chinese hand painted fan.

When it got a little later we went to a pub with live music for a few beers and a dice game. We had some laughs then headed closer to home for a late night snack of BBQ kabobs (another Chinese treat!)

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