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Asia » China » Sichuan » Yibin February 20th 2012

Dorothy and I set off on our adventure early Saturday morning. After a five and a half hour bus ride, we reached the town of Yibin where we were quickly hustled the worlds tiniest van and shuttled off to the Bamboo Sea. Our driver was a local who had grown up in the area. He offered to give us a tour and be our driver. We accepted enthusasticlly. It was possibly the best choice we made (besides deciding to go on this adventure in the first place.) He knew of a less expensive hotel and took us on all the best trails. Because Chinese students start school on Feburary 20, there were hardly any families hiking around. We had the park to ourselves, and Dorothy and I giddily enjoyed some of the most beautiful views in ... read more
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Cable car
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Asia » China » Sichuan » Yibin February 20th 2012

The second day Dorothy and I woke up early and went on a hike through a bamboo forest and on a cliff hike. It was so beautiful. We were almost brought to tears several times just by how beautiful and enchanting the clouds were. Then we went to see several waterfalls (we were able to walk behind one). Then our guide took us to a mountain top temple and we climbed thousands of stairs. The temple was very colorful and beautiful and well worth the climb. By this time we had actually run out of money, and Dorothy accidentally got blessed by a monk who asked for a donation afterward- she guiltily opened her purse and tried to give them all her change, but they just told her not to bother. We ate a fitful lunch, ... read more
Bamboo railing
Breathtaking view

Asia » China » Sichuan » Yibin April 26th 2010

This morning, we left our darling Wen Jun Mansion hotel and drove about four hours to Yibin city and checked into the Grand Hotel of Yibin. Once we had gotten our belongings sorted into our rooms, we went to lunch at the Dragon and Phoenix Noodle Shop for a hot pot lunch. The "hot pot" is a typically Sichuanese meal that consists of a boiling pot of herbs and spiced broth in the middle of the table in which noodles, meat balls, small cuts of meat, vegetables, etc., are cooked and shared family-style. After lunch, we visited a small town that housed both the Wu Liang Ye Rice Liquor Factory and its employees; the entire town space was devoted to the production of the largest volume of rice liquor in China, and had been built to ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Yibin February 15th 2009

Li Zhuang has a long history, the Spring and Autumn when the people shall be the ancient settlements Bo, Bo is an ancient country. Because the town has one inside a large stone natural name "Li Zhuang" and name. Li Zhuang into town, many streets in the ancient era of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, ancient xilou, ancient ancestral halls, ancient residential areas scattered distribution; demonstrate the antiquity of this ancient town; also renowned temples and temples of one community, such as huiguang Temple, Jade Buddha Temple, Wenchang Palace, Dong Yue, Dian-founder, Lu Temple, Yu palace and other "Nine-palace temple eighteen," the art of architecture has a very high value and appreciate the value of culture. ... read more
li zhuang
li zhuang

Asia » China » Sichuan » Yibin July 22nd 2008

A name brand worldwide.The most famous liquor band in China,and what more the most matter,I mean what Chinese people care about most is drinking.Someone once said "The Chinese people do everyhting carelessly,but drinking.If someone else invite you to drink you must drink as well.The westerns didn't drink in the same way that's because compare with Chinese they are very individual.Chinese drinking culture has very long histroy,haha,every westerners get puzzled when they was invited by a Chinese to bottles up(that means you drink up all the liquor at the same time)Some strong liquor also used to drink like this. Let's go back to the Wuliangye Liquor.I have my frist imprsion from this video ( I used just believe Wuliangye Liquor is a common manufacturing plant ,but this video told me much more about the factroy.The factory is ... read more
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