The Blessing Thief and The Iron Bladder Day #2

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February 20th 2012
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The second day Dorothy and I woke up early and went on a hike through a bamboo forest and on a cliff hike. It was so beautiful. We were almost brought to tears several times just by how beautiful and enchanting the clouds were. Then we went to see several waterfalls (we were able to walk behind one). Then our guide took us to a mountain top temple and we climbed thousands of stairs. The temple w... Read Full Entry

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Fog rolling inFog rolling in
Fog rolling in

We became immersed in cloud

20th February 2012

Iron Bladder
What beautiful pictures, Iron. They are gorgeous. Thanks for letting me go on the adventure with you vicariously. The cable car shots were scary but attractive as well. Keep up the curiosity and courage:)
22nd February 2012

I'm sitting here with my jaw on the floor - that place looks amazing! Absolutely breathtaking! From the pictures, it looked like you had the place to yourself to yourselves haha - were there many other people there? I hope you can continue to find awesome places like this - I'm sure the pictures don't quite do these places justice, but your photography skills are definitely helping bring them to life :D
2nd March 2012

I will not give you the big lecture on the importance of emptying your bladder in a timely fashion to prevent UTI's.......I would be tempted to do the same!! Your pictures continue to be wonderful and I am so impressed with your adventures :)
20th April 2012

you are the coolest sister ever!! and you are lucky!!

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