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May 19th 2019
Published: May 20th 2019
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Panzhiha, Sichuan, China (May 19, 2019) We finished up the conference with a celebratory hotpot featuring a lot of seafood. Its always an interesting cornucopia of food that we pick up off a large round rotating lazy Susan table. The abalone were moving...and Dr. Liu gave us her most shrill "shrimp shriek" when one of them jumped out of the bowl at her! All very tasty and the meal is always interrupted by individual toasts the hosts propose...showing us their appreciation.

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Hot Pot TableHot Pot Table
Hot Pot Table

Food is largely raw meat or vegetables and there is a pot of boiling bullion with spices that one drops the food in, boils it and fish it out later to eat. Delicious flavors and interesting textures. Very social way of eating and enjoyed often in Sichuan.
Fish PresentationFish Presentation
Fish Presentation

All kinds of interesting presentations....Looks like this fish is into itself!

24th May 2019

Back in 2008 I would've been too immature and squeamish to try most of the food you've been eating... these days reading your blog has my mouth watering!!!

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