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May 31st 2015
Published: June 2nd 2015
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The New Pixian Provincial Hospital No. 2The New Pixian Provincial Hospital No. 2The New Pixian Provincial Hospital No. 2

The welcoming red banner and pink color guard!
May 31, 2015 (Pixian, Sichuan, China ...near Dujiangyan) The work began in earnest on Sunday…a screening clinic in Pixian where we saw about 100 patients with a broad range of eye conditions - mostly severe cataracts, but also a fair amount of cornea and retina disease and some pediatric issues too. The residents observed cataract surgery - one of the early trainees (Lisa) from previous years’ trips was at that hospital operating and she has become very proficient and skilled at cataract surgery. The challenge now is to find another 1000 people like her, train them and provide places to operate and we can do something about the backlog of cataracts here in Sichuan - estimated to be 1.2 million people blind from cataracts!

The screening was held outside on the hospital entrance. The hospital was very nice (Provincial No. 2 Hospital in Pixian) rebuilt shortly after the earthquake. We set up a screening station to visit with patients, find out their main complaints, do a penlight exam and if needed, they would be referred for slit lamp eye exams, dilation and retinal exams (held inside the hospital). Dr. Farris and Patel manned the slit/lamp/retina testing while I stayed on
Hospital TourHospital TourHospital Tour

Touring the facility with the head ophthalmologist at the Pixian Hospital
the front lines. There were many older patients - some real charming characters like a great 93-year old Chinese man with long wispy eyebrows and a scraggly long mustache/beard with severe cataracts. They were all so appreciative when we were finished with them and had gotten them aligned for surgery.

It was impressive to go back to some of the earthquake stricken areas and facilities we'd seen before to see how far some of these communities had advanced. Despite the availability of care, accessing cataract surgery is still a challenge for many of the patients who are functionally blind. The amount of surgery needs to be increased significantly in Sichuan and hopefully our efforts this week will start building infrastructure and training programs that can impact that need.

What's a blog entry without a funny quip? Breakfast at the Mother Farm hotel was served buffet style in a huge auditorium and was bustling with activity. There were hundreds of people queuing up for food, and they were pretty aggressive - often snatching stuff we'd be reaching for just as we are about to pick it up. We learned quickly! Anyway, we are sitting at our table we start

Dr. Farris hamming it up in the optical shop
to notice these ladies coming up and taking pictures of Jonathan and Jared - Jonathan mostly. After a while, they get bolder and ask to take pictures WITH he stands up and obliges, and the flood gates open. They then see Jared and try to do the same, and the rest of us (encouraging the activity of course) quickly stand up and head for the door, leaving the pretty boy there signing autographs and posing with his fans! Very funny scene...

Additional photos below
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Wooden TopsWooden Tops
Wooden Tops

The Oklahoma Wood Carvers Association sent 500 hand carved wooden tops for us to share with the kids
Chinese Traditional MedicineChinese Traditional Medicine
Chinese Traditional Medicine

CTM Pharmacy measuring out the ingredients
Patient QueuePatient Queue
Patient Queue

Patients lining up for eye exams at the entrance of the hospital
Dr. Patel at the slit lampDr. Patel at the slit lamp
Dr. Patel at the slit lamp

Slit lamp exam inside the hospital (shaded, air conditioned, probably even got a shoulder massage :)

My translators, two residents from SPPH - Cookie and Cassie. There's a notable increase in number and level of English speaking residents at SPPH. Both of these spoke English quite well.
Outdoor Slit Lamp ExamOutdoor Slit Lamp Exam
Outdoor Slit Lamp Exam

Lesson - The optics of a slit lamp work much better in a dark room! We moved them indoors
Pretty Boy JonathanPretty Boy Jonathan
Pretty Boy Jonathan

With two of his very happy adoring fans!

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