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May 14th 2008
Published: May 14th 2008
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A photo of the earthquakeA photo of the earthquakeA photo of the earthquake

This photo shows the devistation of the 7.9 quake that hit the Sichuan province close to where we were staying.
Hi Everyone. We are still alive and well. Luckly we were on a boat on the Yangzi River when the earthquake hit so we didnt feel a thing!, although we were slightly worried that the Three Gorges Dam may collapse!. We were very close to the epicentre.

Unfortunatly right now we are in the centre of it all in Chongqing (SICHUAN PROVINCE) and trying to arrange transport out of here to Xian since the military seem to be taking over the hotels, etc.

All communications are being blocked by the Chinese government so I cant get access to my Hotmail or Facebook. This seems to be the only way I can get a message out. We didnt even have access to the news in English until thismorning so we were unaware of how bad the situation was!

If we hadnt got delayed back in Hong Kong, we would have been in Chengdu when the earthquake hit, now theres a scary thought. It looks serious there! A more detailed blog to follow....

if you need to contact us, I can access the messages posted on here but may not be able to reply.

Daz & Glyn


14th May 2008

Glad you ok!
Hi Daz, Glad you are ok, was a little worried!! Hope the rest of your travelling is less eventful. Lx
14th May 2008

14th May 2008

Glad your ok
Alright mate, Good to hear your both safe. Have a Safe journey out and for the rest of your trip and look forward to the next blog.
15th May 2008

Hoorah your OK
Was very worried Darren, thanks for your e mail what a good help your blogg is, keep in touch Mum xxx
15th May 2008

Hi Darren, So glad to hear that your both safe and well, somebody is sure keeping a watchful eye on you both. I bet your mum was worried sick!! Hope it hasn't put you off of travelling any more. I do so enjoy looking at the photos of your journeys together. Love Patx
17th May 2008

Frightening - so glad to hear you are OK your mum must be so relieved I bet she was worried sick, you are one lucky bloke

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