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Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu January 31st 2007

Or more appropriately, "How Chengdu Robbed My Tastebuds." But before I get to that, a quick run down of the rest of my day. I woke up early around 6:45 to catch a tour to the nearby Giant Panda Research Center. Man, those guys are cute! We left early in order to catch them during their feeding time, when they are most likely to be awake and not curled up under some tree. We first caught a glimpse of the larger Giant pandas before heading to the baby panda facility. Here, the worker/scientist brought out 7 babies just to pose for the gawking tourists (myself included). She propped them up on chairs and teeter-totters, and the Chinese tourists squealed with joy. I tried to contain myself by squealing on the inside... The baby pandas were followed ... read more
Come Closa
So Lonely
He's Coming for Ya

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu January 29th 2007

My first real day in Chengdu and I don't think much more ridiculousness could have occurred, unless of course I ran these streets as a naked waiguoren. My day started like most others around here. I awoke in a small, dimply lit brick room, devoid of all homeliness and comfort. The Loft, a converted industrial warehouse now youth hostel, is fantastic, yet the rooms may be a bit too artsy for their own good. Everything is meant to look old and "industrial" as they claim, yet the cold floors and machine-style beds can get to you. I guess though I shouldn't expect much as I am staying for about $7 US a night. Still, the place has a great cafe downstairs, a tour office that couldn't be easier, and a commor roon in the warehouse ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu January 24th 2007

Sunday, September 03, 2006 Withdrawl!!! Current mood: awake Category: currently caffinating... Fashion, Style, Shopping I MISS RESALE SHOPS/THRIFT STORES!!!! Last night my mom called me from downstate Michigan where she's been staying with my stepdad in the hospital for over two weeks. My stepdad, Mike, needed some extra clothes for his physical therapy (other than the hospital stuff and the stuff he came down in), so my mom had to go out and buy him some... and the best place? Of course the resale shop...Salvation Army, baby, all the way. So she told me how she was looking forward to going because she'd been getting kind of stir crazy being cooped up in the hospital this whole time and all. And she said she also hadn't been resale shopping in a long time (my mom ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu January 20th 2007

I got up early to finish tidying my room and flat before heading to Shangliu airport to pick up Gordon. Leaving in plenty of time I managed to get a taxi pretty quickly that took me to the airport for about 40rmb. The taxi driver was really friendly and I ended up speaking to him in my basic Chinese and his basic English. He helped to calm my nerves as I was excited and nervous about seeing my boyfriend after not seeing him for over five months. I got to the airport in about 30minutes and was pretty pleased I had made it in plenty of time for the plane's arrival. With the flight number from Amsterdam at the ready I figured I had between 30minutes and an hour until Gordon's flight arrived. Making my way ... read more
Sleepy me at the Sheraton
Sleepy Gordon

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu January 18th 2007

Chengdu September 6 - 10, 2006 We arrived in Chengdu very early in the morning after a fitful night’s sleep on the train. After clearing the train station we began searching for a taxi cab to take us to our guest house, Holly’s Hostel ( Despite the dozens of cabs and few potential passengers we struggled to find someone to take us to Holly’s. Apparently no work is better than a short trip. Our frustration grew as the cab drivers, before turning us down, would take a few minutes to discuss the possible fare with each other. Thanks largely to the assistance of a young man who spoke a little English we secured a cab and arrived at Holly’s while it was still dark out. Holly’s Hostel is situated outside of Chengdu’s city center in the ... read more
A Baby Giant Panda
Delicious Yak Meat and Tibetan Barley Wine
A Giant Panda Enjoying Bamboo

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu January 15th 2007

Ni hao as usual... At the weekend, some of us laoshi made the trip to Xindu, a small town 11 miles east of Chengdu. We went there to say 'zaijian' to Barry, who is leaving back to his home in Australia - he's a friend and fellow teacher of OUR friends, who are teaching in Xindu. But first of all a few of us visited Baoguang Si monastery (Monastery of Precious Light), 宝光寺 in Chinese. I've already explained in a previous blog how to get to Xindu, so I'm not going to repeat myself! However once you get to Xindu off the bus, just hop in one of the many taxis and say the name of the monastery (pronounce 'Bow-gwang Suh'), or give the taxi driver a scrap of paper with the Chinese characters on. It ... read more
wish pond
yellow blossom in a courtyard
colours on the ceiling

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu January 12th 2007

Hi all Well i know that all these blogs are bunching up but I couldn't help it.... So where did I leave off, I remember no, I was saying that all the people that I have met in Wuhan were the Greatest so now let me tell you all about Chengdu... After Leaving the train I got into a taxi to head to a hostel called The Dragon.... The driver dropped me of on some street and told me in no english that I had to walk the rest of the way because there was construction going on in the streeet... I wasn't to sure what exactly i was suppose to do but after walking about 50ft I found the Chinese charaters that made up the name of the street... I have found myself being able ... read more
Hanging out the laundry and the meat...
The Red Panda
Why are you watching me eat...

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu January 11th 2007

Located on a sprawling UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sichuan Province of China, this impressive 230 foot high Dafo, or Great Buddha, has been carved into the red sandstone hill called Lingyun Hill, where 3 treacherous rivers confluence, the Min, the Dadu, and the Qingyi Rivers in the city of Le Shan, some 3 hrs from Chengdu's Panda Bears. To safeguard the passing boats, the monk Haitong in 713 AD, (at a time before Charlemagne the Great created the Holy Roman Empire), decided to carve a protective icon into the sandstone cliffs as a public works project. No doubt, he wisely understood, that the resulting rubble would fill in the river-shoals, to calm the often raging waters, taking the lifes of many, and usually threatening the profitable, surrounding agricultural areas of the citizens. Its construction took ... read more
The visitors below dwarf in size.
And I thought my head was big.
Each of the Great Buddha's ears droops 23 ft.

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu January 11th 2007

In 2 weeks I (+ 2 friends + 1 friend's boyfriend) will be in Tibet, probably cursing myself on why I didn't pick Hainan (an island, south of China, where it's warm), but hopefully not! The Spring Festival is the big holiday here in China, I guess it's equivalent to Christmas as it's the lead up to Chinese New Year, except unlike Christmas where you only get Christmas Day and New Year's Day off - if you're lucky - here, most people get about 3 weeks, and us lucky teachers get nearly 6! A surreal thing happened to me last Sunday. My friends and I have a saying 'only in China....'. Here you can end up doing something in the afternoon which you never IMAGINED you would be doing when you woke up that morning! And ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu January 1st 2007

..which means 'Happy New Year' in Mandarin, tho there are several ways to say it! First of all, I'll describe Christmas....I would have loved to be somewhere hot with preferably a) a pool b) a beach nearby, but as I'm near bang in the centre of China, I knew that wasn't going to happen! Maybe this year....? It pissed it down on the day (and has been for a week now, is it trying to remind us of the UK or something?), so we spent the day having a fry up, watching DVDs, tidying up a bit after our Christmas Eve party (a great success) and then heading out for Christmas dinner. In the end after much 'faffing about' we settled on tea ('dinner' to you non-northerners) at Dave's, which was quite impressive for 55 kwai, ... read more

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