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September 2nd 2014
Published: July 1st 2017
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Today we have a little sunshine popping through the smog. It is unbelievable how thick the smog can get here. We often have scratchy throats and eyes after a day out. Plus we daily inhale at least a few packages of cigarettes. It seems like most of the population here are smokers. They still smoke in restaurants which really is revolting.
Today we hired a driver to take us to the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi, and then to the airport. As we got farther out of the city the sky became a bit more sunny. We enjoyed our time at the Tomb of Emperor Jingdi.
Emperor Jingdi was emperor in the Han Dynasty from 157 to 141 BC. The site had two sections for us to visit - the museum and the excavation site. The museum held a large display of expressive terracotta figurines ( more than 50,000 were buried here ) including eunuchs, servants, domesticated animals, and even female cavalry on horseback. Unlike the life-size figures at the Terracotta Warriors site, this emperor was buried with figurines about 18" tall. The figurines originally had moveable wooden arms ( now gone ) and were dressed in colourful robes. Inside the excavation site of the tomb are 21 narrow pits, some with glass floors which allowed us to walk over ongoing excavations. It is believed there are 81 burial pits here. These pits were covered in a similar process as the Terracotta Warriors.
We arrived at the airport early and had to wait for our departure gate to open. During our wait we watched people using " sleeping boxes" to pass the time. Our China Eastern flight was delayed, again!
Upon arrival in Chengdu we caught a taxi to our hotel. It was lovely to see this city all lit up at night. Chengdu has a population of 4.1 million compared to Xian at 6.5 million.

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3rd September 2014

even with A/C! Did you try it?
3rd September 2014

That looks just a smidgen creepy ;-)
3rd September 2014

The details even in these small figurine are incredible. As if there was an individual, specific model for each one. Must google for more info :-)
8th September 2014

What a great idea, lane would use them for sure.

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