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February 25th 2017
Published: June 25th 2017
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Arriving in Chengdu at 11:30, I quickly went through immigration and found my old friend Kainan in the arrivals hall with daughter? Ok she's about 2.5 years old but I didn't know about her. We drove back to his apartment and I quickly got showered and had some tea. His condo is larger than my former house back in Kansas City. He also has a second apartment that his dad sometimes lives in (that I'll be staying in) and is looking to upgrade to a larger primary residence as well.

We drove downtown over to his spare apartment (in the complex Europe City) that his father recently vacated for the season and dropped off my bag and started some laundry. Then we drove to the "Wide and Narrow Alleys" entertainment district to meet Kainan's wife and mother in law. We had tea and then he and I took a walk around and grabbed a selfie. He explained to me a couple Chengdu "specialties" such as deep-fried rabbits head, and having your ear canals picked clean.

We regrouped with his family and went to a restaurant with a group that plays traditional Chinese instruments. The food was plentiful, it reminded me a lot of the meal I had with Hiral and Kainan's parents back in 2005. Some of it was spicy, but I managed to avoid all but one bit of mouth-numbing spice.

After the meal, Kainan returned me to his spare apartment. I started drying my laundry and then spent about two hours walking around the areas nearby. Just down the street was a BBQ restaurant that serves Boulevard Beer. I thought for 10 minutes about going in, but I decided I was full enough from the family meal we had earlier. Eventually I found a convenience store and bought a couple of oreo sleeves to act as my dessert.

Back at the apartment I kept maneuvering the space heater to both dry my clothes and keep me warm while I slept. None of the high rises has heat! It's all just space heaters.

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