Day 1: Lions Club Blindness Prevention Program

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May 6th 2017
Published: May 6th 2017
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Setting UpSetting UpSetting Up

Setting up the vision screening workstations early in the morning.
May 6, 2017 (Chengdu) Saturday morning was spent working with the local Lions International Club on vision screening programs urban style. Reminiscent of the old Willie Sutton saying of robbing banks because that's where the money is, they set us up just outside a large mall, on the sidewalk where a lot of people walk by. Well organized into different queues for registration, visual acuity checks and then eye exam stations, we say a broad range of patients with the full spectrum of eye conditions, referring those that needed further care or treatment to the SPPH ophthalmology department. Each member of our team was paired with one of the SPPH residents to help translate and we worked through several hundred evaluations. The weather was most pleasant. The Lions Club volunteers were enthusiastic and seemed to have a lot of fun, taking every opportunity for photo ops and chanting their mantra: "WE" .... "SERVE"!

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Dr. LiuDr. Liu
Dr. Liu

One of our team, Dr. Liu (far right) is a cataract and cornea specialist from Kaiser Permanente in Stockton, CA. She is reviewing a hand held retinal camera with SPPH staff.
Vision TestingVision Testing
Vision Testing

Out door vision testing. The young lady testing is Dr. Liu's niece from Guangzhou. The man in the red jacket (Jimmy) is a Taiwanese massage therapist from the Bay Area, new to the team this year, and playing a welcome support role!
Lid InjectionLid Injection
Lid Injection

Dr. Farris (team leader) is doing a Botox injection for spastic entropion (painful condition where spasm causes the eyelid to roll in). Its a quick temporary treatment that lasts 3 months till patients can have surgery.
Dr. Paul ChenDr. Paul Chen
Dr. Paul Chen

Paul Chen is a cataract specialist at Kaiser Permanente in Mountainview, CA. Here he is working with Nina, one of the SPPH junior faculty. This is Paul's tenth year on the team.
Vision Screening Vision Screening
Vision Screening

Patient flow is picking up...
Dr. Alex DavisDr. Alex Davis
Dr. Alex Davis

Dr. Davis (left) is a cornea specialist at Dean McGee Eye Institute in Oklahoma City - here working through a patient with one of the SPPH ophthalmology residents.

Dr. Farris overseeing Dr. James O'brien (senior DMEI resident) at the slit lamp checking out patients with an SPPH ophthalmologist. Dr. Liu on the left examining another patient.
Dr. Janine CollingeDr. Janine Collinge
Dr. Janine Collinge

Dr. Collinge (Pediatric Ophthalmologist at DMEI) reviewing findings on a young patient with an SPPH resident.
Skills TransferSkills Transfer
Skills Transfer

Another spastic entropion patient for a botox injection. Having shown how to do it the first time, Dr. Farris has the Chinese resident do it this time.

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