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April 20th 2016
Published: April 23rd 2016
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Resident Case PresentationResident Case PresentationResident Case Presentation

Thyroid Eye Disease
Chengdu, China (April 20, 2016) After a smooth flight from NY to Shanghai, things didn't go as smoothly as planned. In Shanghai we were lined up to board the plane to Chengdu - but there was no airplane. Apparently the inbound flight was delayed. It created a mini furor of activity with seemingly little actual information being shared, but after some discussion it was apparent that the 9 pm departure might be delayed about three hours. By the time I arrived in Chengdu it was 3:30 am and poor Tom (one of the SPPH residents) was there to meet me with a driver. I'd never seen Chengdu as a "sleepy town" but there wasn't much traffic at 4:00 am! I got to my hotel by 4:30 and managed to sleep for a couple of hours before the cleaning staff came in - with good intentions, but... I got up, had breakfast with Dr. Farris to catch up on where we were and found out the hospital discussions were postponed till tomorrow. We went to the new coffee shop in the basement of SPPH - very "Starbucks-like" with WiFi and English speaking staff. We met Sophia (a Harvard PhD in Public Health) who is a long term ground support person for us here. From there we visited a potential hospital site with Sophia. We spent lunch at the hotel with Dr. Wu (chair of the department of ophthalmology) and planned for our meeting with the hospital President tomorrow. It was good to see the residents (Dr. Tan and Dr. Perkins) in great spirits, Dr. Sandy (our global eye care fellow) and some of the SPPH faculty and residents. This afternoon we'll be spending time reviewing challenging cases with them.


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