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May 20th 2013
Published: May 20th 2013
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Monday, May 20, 2013 (Chengdu) After a welcome dinner and a good night’s rest, we were up early for breakfast at the Tien Chen Lou. The challenge for many of us is to find a) coffee and b) salt and pepper – somehow these are not amenities. Finding coffee has become much simpler with each passing year. There’s none in the restaurant, but we can now find some premixed sweetened whitened coffee packets in grocery stores. One little gem we found is a coffee and pastry store (Paul Chen swears it’s a very famous Taiwanese chain) one block away that brews a nice blend! Then back to the TCL for a traditional Chinese breakfast, various forms of steamed vegetables, noodles, hot sticky meat buns, peanuts, and boiled eggs.

The hospital van was there at 7:50 to take us to the conference hotel for our lectures and presentations. This Sichuan International Ophthalmology Symposium is now an annual event, where SPPH and the Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences sponsor local, national and international (us) presentations for Sichuanese ophthalmologists and their staff. Our dates didn’t quite coincide with this year’s meeting, so we joined them for the second day only. Highlights for our section included Dr. Adler’s succinct presentation on corneal surface tumors, Dr. Farris’ crowd pleasing animated traveling side show called “The neuro-ophthalmology exam”; Dr. Liu’s talk on what we think was herpetic eye disease (she lectured in Chinese); the inimitable smooth talking Dr. Pau Chen’s bullous keratopathy talk (delivered in Chinglish) and the world premiere unveiling of the best in show video: Dr. Kenny Lao’s presentation of a supero-medial approach to optic nerve sheath decompression (delivered with dramatic effect uncharacteristic of the generally reserved fellow: “Boom! There it is!”).

The afternoon was dedicated to Meeting #1 between the DMEI/OU delegation and the SPPH administration…see next blog for details!


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