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September 26th 2010
Published: October 11th 2010
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Big Shoes!

After eating lunch at Relish today, Maria, Scott and I took a taxi to the big shoe store. I found an address in the back of Chengdoo magazine. Since my flip flops broke I haven't had anything to wear with my black clothing, so I needed some black shoes. Success! This store had a large selection of dress shoes. The only other customer was a Chinese woman about my height. They didn't have the first pair of shoes I wanted in my size, but they did have the second: A pair of black flats with sequin bows on the toes. I can't wear them around every day, but at least I found something. Scott got a pair of running sneakers. So we were both very happy.

Next we took a taxi to Jinli. We went for a second lunch at the Tibetan restaurant because Scott hadn't eaten yet. Maria and I shared yak baozi and a potato, carrot, bell pepper dish. Scott had a massive yak pie, two large beers, and some of our food as well. Tibetan food is delicious, but much blander than Sichuan cuisine, so many Chinese people do not like it.

Afterward we walked down Jinli. There were a lot of tourists there, of all different nationalities. I got a fedora, which I have wanted to buy since tenth grade so it was about time, and a woven belt, because none of the pants I brought with me want to stay up anymore. Scott decided to play a carnival game. It was a shooting game with a crossbow, and a crowd of Chinese people gathered around and watched. When he was finished they gave him a winking, smiley face button.

We went to Starbucks and I ordered a chai tea. They handed it to me, and I realized that I had meant chai tea latte. They had given me hot water with a chai tea bag. When I said I wanted a latte, they just added steamed milk. It was terrible. What a disappointment. However, Maria ordered blueberry cheesecake and didn't finish it, so I finished it for her and it was good.

When I got back to my room at the dorm, I discovered that the toilet in our room is broken. I guess you aren't supposed to put toilet paper in Chinese toilets... But putting used toilet paper in the trash can is just gross, so we weren't following that rule. And now our toilet is broken, so until it gets fixed I have to use the communal squatty potties. I can't decide whether the trade off was worth it.


28th September 2010

I am so enjoying your posts Laura, you have a great writing style!

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