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September 27th 2010
Published: September 27th 2010
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Today was an excellent day--非常好!
After class this morning, Audrey, Maria and I stopped by the pharmacy on campus to pick up altitude sickness drugs that we'll need in Tibet. We leave at 5 AM Thursday morning! So excited. I felt really accomplished because I could understand the directions the pharmacist gave us in Chinese! My listening skills in Chinese are getting really good. A few of us feel like our speaking skills aren't getting much better though, so we've started a new idea which is Talking Tuesdays or 说中文的星期二。 Every Tuesday we are going to try to say as much as possible in Chinese, even in a group of just Americans. Once we have gotten better, we'll add days until we just speak Chinese all the time out of habit.

Audrey, Maria, and I then took a bus downtown to Chunxilu, the famous shopping area. We were all really hungry, so we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Before you all judge me for getting western food, keep in mind that Pizza Hut in China is actually a cultural experience. In China, it is a super classy restaurant (see photos). One couple there was actually dressed up! It was really delicious also because we got stuffed crust so there was extra cheese which is always needed in China.

After pizza hut, we went on an adventure. The whole purpose of our outing this afternoon was to go to the Teenie Weenie store, a Korean brand that sells super preppy (think Polo x100) clothes with teddy bears on them. And it is called Teenie Weenie. We walked along Chunxilu for a while and found a Teenie Weenie in a mall, but it wasn't the one we were thinking of and it was really small. We continued on and found the one we were looking for! Another great accomplishment: I'm starting to get a feel for where things are even in this HUGE city. It was incredible, but super expensive even by American standards. After laughing hysterically at almost every clothing item in the store (hoodies that said "Bear Rugger" and "Teenie Weenie Winter Holiday"), Maria and I each got a Teenie Weenie sweater. Probably the greatest purchase of my entire life. Then, because we were having such a great day, we were even able to find a taxi back to campus right away! Sometimes it can take an hour. Now it's nap time before my evening Environmental Studies class. And I get to have leftover pizza for dinner! 太好了!

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27th September 2010

are you going to wear this to Tibet? good idea! seems a subway line will be open in Chengdu today, don't know if it's close to SCU.
28th September 2010

the subway will be sort of close, but it is going to go to the ikea store so it will be worth the taxi ride to get to the station!
9th October 2010

艾丽,你的衣服很漂亮!!哈哈祝你在中国天天快乐:) 文娟
14th October 2010

teenie weenie
hey, i was searching for teenie weenie, then suddenly came across yr blog. As matter of fact 27.sept.. i was also traveling in chengdu. Went to a teenie weenie store. there was a white jacket that i miss out and didnt buy.. kind of regret it now, and I wanted to see if i can find it online. lol I m a Hong Kong girl, living in Norway! u are studying chinese in china?

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