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November 9th 2009
Published: November 9th 2009
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Hello all,
Just wanted to let everyone at once know that I'm alive and doing (very) well, just haven't been keeping in touch as well as I should, 不好意思。
Let's see, what's going on in my life at present: Made some new, lasting friends recently; taught English today, with mixed, but mostly positive results; found a cool place where I can go to play the hell out of their drumset any night of the week; Mostly just meeting interesting people and learning an interesting language.

However, this week is midterm week, which means I'll become even more recluse than I have been already, if possible, and I apologize in advance. There's just so much I feel I have to learn in these last couple and a half months here. At times feel like I did when I first arrived, but simultaneously, I fully picture what live is like State-side now. I feel pretty much like i have a leg on each side of the fence, American studying Chinese for pleasure ad person living in China.

But still meeting really incredible people and places I don't quite have the energy to fully describe now. Midterm studies are wearing me out, but it's okay, because I have friends here and (of course) back home that I know I can return to for rest and recoup. Next weekend I might even sleep fully!

but no complaints, just possibly handy info. Also, just received your package today G&G!

Love to you and y'all


23rd November 2009

hey! sounds like you are having a lot of fun! i just had a big race and it was 2 miles and i got 8th place.(even though i just srained me ankelplaying basketball) brian got 7th in that race also. i have a b ball game tomarrow and hopeing we do good! we all miss you so much and will be thinking of you sence the holidays are comming.\ love you, Jessie

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