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October 10th 2009
Published: October 10th 2009
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Hey all,

Just want to let everyone know I'm doing well and excited for the future. Also, I am able to receive packages at the address I've mailed to some of you, which I know because I received two today. Thanks for the newspaper and letter, dad, and for the drawings, Hannah; thanks of course for the book and Lemon Heads, G&G. I know there are some other b-day packages on the way, and although I haven't received them yet, rest assured that they will get to me.

No real news, really, just wanted to say thanks to everyone at once for staying in touch with me this semester and supporting me. It's sustaining and fulfilling, because although I an having a dizzyingly busy and great time here in China, I naturally miss my family and friends. Keep keeping in touch, please.

I guess one tidbit from my daily life would be a good way to end this short update -- I have a new study method. Every day before my morning run, I look at about a dozen of my flashcards and quickly plant the Chinese words on top of my brain, then keep turning them over while I run (it's not like there's anything else to think about when running around a track at 6:30 - 7:00 a.m.). It's a great flash-learning method. I committed the words for "luxurious," "lottery," "to investigate," "to observe," "befuddled," and a couple others to memory this morning, for example. This learning/exercise method is a great example of 身心, a term that means, " (balance of) body and soul."

Anyway, I'm off now to meet up with friends, but I'll be thinking of you all too.


10th October 2009

from home
So nice to hear you received our packages Tye. Will get more in the mail now that we know they arrived safely. So good to hear how happy you sound. Hannah says she loves you. :) Dad.

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