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September 27th 2007
Published: September 27th 2008
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So now it is the 2nd time to go to Chengdu but this time it was with different people and later in the year. Our schools had a 1 week holiday so we all took advantage of the cheap flights and went to the city, which left me with the chance to re-visit the things I didn't get to the first time.

Day 1

We arrived late the previous day and planed for our first day to visit the giant Buddah, which had be carved into the side of a mountain cliff. The pictures looked amazing and the place lived up to the expectations. We took a small speed boat over to the place and took pictures from the boat so we could actually get a photo with the whole Buddah inside of it. And then we got droped off at the far side of the Buddah and then walked through the mountain side to the Buddah. And standing next to the Buddah was amazing to see how huge it really was. It was too big to believe. And it was great because there were hardly any tourists. So we spent a good hour looking and reading about this
Leshan Da Fo Leshan Da Fo Leshan Da Fo

The giant Buddah!
giant Buddah. Deffintely a must to do when you visit the Sichuan province.

Day 2

We spent the day shopping and organising our trip to Emie Shan were we would stay overnight at a Buddhist monastry. So it was full of DVD shopping the day before and then drinking and relaxing in the hostel. This time in Chengdu we stayed at the Loft which is the best hostel I had stayed at in China. Clean, cheap and awesome staff. Also that night we saw the SIchuan Opera, which is worth the money. It was amazing the face changes and how it happens so quickly and also the whole preformance was well worth the money spent. I would go back. I should have bought the DVD it was really a good preformance and something not to miss.

Day 3

We took the bus to Emei Shan and started the journey up the mountain. I wasn't impressed that we were climbing stairs. The size of my feet meant that I couldn't get my feet on it and also there was so many and it was just annoying. The view was great, but maybe we should have just gotten
Climbing Emie Shan Climbing Emie Shan Climbing Emie Shan

The tourture begins
the cable car like I suggested. It was tougher then the Tiger Leaping Gorge. And the reward of staying in a traditional non-tourst monastry was amazing, the climb was not fun.

Day 4

We left the mountain and then headed back to Chengdu. And went clubbing. I was a bit over seeing all the culutural things in China as I had already been living there for 8 months so a good night out was in order. Before the next day of the train back to Kunming.


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