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May 24th 2019
Published: May 24th 2019
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Hot Pot Restaurant in ChengduHot Pot Restaurant in ChengduHot Pot Restaurant in Chengdu

A hot spot for hot pot!
Chengdu, China (May 24, 2019) It is Friday and I've been delinquent in keeping up posts on the blog. I'll fill the details in later. After day 1 of the Sino-American Ophthalmology Conference today, we were invited by the SPPH Hospital's VP and Dean of the Medical School for a legitimate Sichuan hot pot dinner. It was a busy place, loud and boisterous and we had all the usual traditional hot pot choices. Twin cauldrons of boiling bullions - one red because of all the hot peppers boiled into it for flavoring and a whiter one in the middle for those with a milder palate preference. Prior to starting, we mix a bowl of sesame oil, vinegars, garlic, herbs and spices to dip the boiled meats and vegetables in and add more flavors and cool down the food. All kinds of unusual food including aorta, gizzards, goose intestines, mushrooms of various varieties, and other more traditional fish and meats. Food is an important part of their culture and a focus of socialization and their way of showing hospitality. Even the guest professors from Hong Kong thought the food was quite spicy hot!

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Chengdu and Hong Kong researchers.

27th May 2019

I’ve seen those dolls before on some other Japanese travel vlogs. Such an interesting way to display the shabu shabu/meat for hot pot! That overhead shot of the broth is just stunning. Did you dare venture into the other circle? So many hot peppers!

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