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May 16th 2019
Published: May 16th 2019
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Chengdu, China (May 16, 2019) Still feeling foggy brained after a good nap this afternoon, I was invited across town to have dinner at what my body believes is morning with a Chinese colleague who has helped our team in many ways since our earliest days here. I took a Didi (Chinese version of ride-share that acquired Uber China ) across town to the University district to meet Dr. Sophia Zuoqiu (PhD in environmental health from Harvard School of Public Health) and her mother for a traditional (read spicy hot) Sichuan meal of eggplant, tofu, duck, sticky rice and "green beans" (hot peppers). Sophia is doing her post-doctorate work in air quality - very relevant here in China - at Sichuan University. On many of our previous trips Sophia helped us with translation, cultural awareness coaching and insight into the local environment as her father is an ophthalmologist at SPPH . Driving across the city's ring roads, I was impressed by more and better roads/overpasses, better air quality, how green the city was, traffic was relatively sane and that all the cabs run on CNG. All related apparently: the subway system has expanded, the traffic is reduced by quotas based on license plate numbers, and there has been a conscious effort to make Chengdu greener as evidenced by all the ivy covering overpasses. The restaurant was a pleasant outdoor family restaurant where all the ordering is done high tech using QR codeson the table and menu and digital cash. The weather is pleasantly warm, moderately humid and very comfortable. I took a cab home, which is a leaf of faith without any Chinese mastered but hello and thank-you, but the instructions got me right where I needed to go - back to sleep!

And now its midnight, I have insomnia and WiFi... so I blog.

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Evening skyline view Evening skyline view
Evening skyline view

Just down the street from the hotel.

17th May 2019

Chengdu looks absolutely gorgeous! Really enjoying these updates. Hope Chengdu 2019 goes well!

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