Odeos, Kafu, and my ghetto heater

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November 1st 2010
Published: November 1st 2010
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I went to the corner market desperately seeking anything that I could snack on that wasn't being sold by street vendors and cooked under questionable (at best) conditions.

Truth be told, I just wanted a few goddamn potato chips.

Went to the coner market and amidst the incredulous stares and whispered, "Ah! Zheme gao!" "Ta shi waiguo ren" speculations of where I was from, I FOUND THEM! Some cookies and pringle like things! I was in hog heaven. I had some chips... which ended up being more like the "natural" baked chips being marketed these days. And ate a couple cookies. Then some little punk stole my potato chips at the Halloween party :-( No matter...

I won scariest costume for our Halloween party by the by... Know what my costume was? NOTHING. I'm scary all by myself! Hahaha.

Ok, it was an orange stretchy thing... let's see, how do I describe it? It's like nylon netting... shaped like a sleeve, net type mesh, and it stretches. Very flexible and I'm sorry I don't have any photos of it to post because I'm sure by now you're all very confused... and/or lost interest in my "description"

Anyway today after dinner, I went to the little shang dian (market) on my street... and noticed these very familiar looking cookies... chocolate cookies with a cream filling between them... OMG! It's OREOS! Nope... not so much. I looked at the label, they were NOT "KaFu" (Kraft)... they were ODEOS!!! Uhhh... pass.

I did get some juice that had some dancing pineapples on the label though. It's delicious. Would probably go really well with some rum... *sigh*

Oh and as for heat... I jacked the dual heating lamp off the bathroom wall and put it on the nightstand next to the bed. Makes it hot as hell right next to it and it's still 45 degrees everywhere else in the room.


1st November 2010

Re: the heater - Wow, what a bummer! Winter is just beginning. Regarding snacks, I know Coke has a plant in China. I thought most of the big food corporation did by now. I guess your town is just too small and far out of the mainstream. Another bummer. Send me your address and I'll send a care package. Lots of love and cheers, Sue
2nd November 2010

Wow... sound like a crazy sequence of events. Anyway that's great to hear that you found a place that has some eatables. But how are the vegies out there?
10th November 2010

If you get the opportunity to read this I want to say that you should visit a local city and stock up. Most of the relatively large cities in China have access to everything you should be familiar with including crisps, sweets and various other snacks. In the smaller towns they usually don't have much of that available since they have to sell foods from a local source to support the farmers and local economies. Street vendors are out of the question but again visit a slightly bigger city and eat out sometime and aside from that like I said stock up and you'll be fine.

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