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October 24th 2010
Published: October 24th 2010
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It's interesting how much China's roads and cars can look like what I'm used to, and yet so little exists of traffic laws, noise conservation, and road rage!

I walk down the street I live on and am instantly surrounded by bikes, pedestrians, and occasionally a taxi all trying to make their way down a road that in the US would be reserved for one way motorists only. Cars with bells, motorcycles with loud drivers (and usually passengers), taxis using copious amounts of warning honks.

People walk in the streets. Sometimes you'll catch a pedestrian on a sidewalk, sometimes you'll catch a car driving on one. Cars frequently drive in the bike lane, going the wrong direction, until they catch a break in traffic to make it to the other side.

Yet with all this, what you can I would call inconsideration, there are surprisingly few incidents of road rage the way we see on freeways in California. People walking along the road are honked at by cars trying to pass; Cars going too slow in the left lane are passed via oncoming traffic; bikes and motorcycles cut corners, sidewalks, and drive whichever direction they are pointed.

It's scary.

Every day since I've been here I've heard fireworks... at very close range.

Across the street from the school there are hotels. Whenever someone gets married at one of these hotels, fireworks are lit without regard to the hour, the neighboring businesses, or anything else.

I started tuning it out until they started at 10pm one night. Damn it! I'm OLD! I want to be ASLEEP by ten!!! Madness...

The other thing I've noticed is that this city has some very interesting doors.

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24th October 2010

That looks like anawesome walk however the fire works would be an annoience.
24th October 2010

Doors, traffic,etc
Very interesting. Keep them coming. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. Love
24th October 2010

Is there a doorway to heaven? I like the door to nothing.
25th October 2010

The row of doors frightens me a an Auschwitz of sorts
25th October 2010

new door
lots of interesting doors, find one that looks pretty cool and bring it back for the from door at Old Oak! ;-)
27th October 2010

Dad Keith!! I like your thinking!! I would like a pretty door at the house!!!!!!
11th November 2010

I love doors! Weird but I think the door says a lot about the feel of a city!

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