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October 21st 2010
Published: October 21st 2010
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Oh I am miserable right now!! I am sick. :-( BUT on the plus side, cough syrup, nyquil (equivalent) tablets, and some antibiotics were only 4 bucks!!

The people I work with are so sweet. Today while I was spending my time in BED, two of the girls I work with (both Chinese teachers. Uhh... Chinese English teachers) came by to give me food and soup. :-) They told me that it's a ginger soup and that after I eat it, I need to go to bed, get under ALL the covers and sweat out the cold.

By the way, Chinese people sleep on "mattresses". Not a springy, comfortable, rest-easy mattress... a 3 inch thick piece of wood covered by fabric and a thin slice of foam. NOT comfortable! Though the other alternative is a bag of springs... so I'll layer the blankets and try to be comfortable.

urgh, my nose is stuffy :-( I am going back to sleep.

BTW- Viagra is cheap here.


21st October 2010

tome mucho té
喝大量的茶,重要的是留 hydrated to help fight off the cold. 你有没有在你的公寓热水瓶?
21st October 2010

21st October 2010

I hope you feel better --if its any consolation Chuckie texted me yesterday that he was sick... Nice thing though is once its out of your system you are good to go. hugs
22nd October 2010

Dad- I'm drinking hot water. I don't have any tea, and I don't know that it would sit well right now. Carey- Thanks, I hope I feel better soon too! lol
22nd October 2010

Krazy Katrina
Hi sweetheart , Why in the world did you end up in China when you have a significant other who is such a great guy, here? I could understand if you had no ties, but do you think your relationship with Dillon will survive? It seems that your wanderlust may get in the way of a permanent place in some man's heart. Of course, I know you can take care of yourself but I worry about your love life. I hope he is supportive of your choice of leaving him for 6 months. I think its a great thing to follow your heart, when no one gets hurt. I'm curious about what your mom said, Love, GrandMarge. Hope you are well by now and that you enjoy working there.
22nd October 2010

Sound like a good considerate group of people to work with. The experience and the stories are priceless and last a lifetime!! The only thing with the Viagra is - what are you really buying - ya it's blue, but what is it? Enjoy tj
23rd October 2010

choo. Ugh, sorry you aren't feeling well. :-( Yes, ginger is good for you. You have to eat food to keep your immune system up. Take good care of yourself. Is everyone else at the school Chinese? How's your Chinese coming along? I bet you get a lot of chances to practice it. So how do you have a computer there? Do you have Internet access now? Let me know, and let me know what phone number you have so that I can call you. Also, you need to register with the nearest U.S. consulate so you can get warden messages. Let me know how you're doing please! love you, mom
24th October 2010

Feel better
A friend of your parents from Brussels... It is so exciting to hear that you are in China. I am sure right now as you don't feel so good, you probably wish you were back in the US where comfortable beds abound ;-) I really hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your time there. Do as your Mom says and register with the nearest Consulate. We need to keep good track of you! A big hug from Costa Rica.

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