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We meet our little group and De Kye our guide and head off to our first monastary. Drepung Monastery, once home to 10000 monks and the Dali Lama, it was the seat of central government until the 5th Dali Lama built the Potala Palace. After visits to Drepung Monastery, the Jokhang temple and day 2 the Potala Palace and Sera Monastery, I begin to realise that Buddhism, in its various evocations is Tibetan culture. Day one was a religious celebration and gave us an idea of the sheer numbers of the devoted working their way around vast numbers of tourist groups, as they tried to pay their respects to every diety, Budda, teacher, Dali Lama and give their meagre wealth to the upkeep of monasteries and Monks. Some things that are of interest 7000 year old ... read more
crew at Sera Monastery
joining the clockwise beat, Jokhang temple
KK in price discussion

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