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Asia » China » Shanxi » Wutaishan July 22nd 2017

Un premier temple très fréquenté, accessible par télésiège ou par un escalier, emprunté par des pèlerins acharnés ( une génuflexion à chaque pas pour les plus déterminés) : Dailuo Un second temple à l'écart de le foule et qui domine les vallées : Nanshan Entre les 2, un repas rapide avec des röstis à la chinoise !... read more

Asia » China » Shanxi » Wutaishan July 21st 2017

Après un dernier jour à Pekin particulièrement penible (chaud, lourd et humide) nous avons quitté Pekin par la route Le voyage s'est très bien passé , l'hôtel à l'arrivée a l'air tout neuf ( au milieu de chantiers d'ailleurs) et très central par rapport aux temples principaux. Pour le "lourdes" chinois on est bien en revanche pour la montagne autour la météo n'est pas avec nous : on ne voit pas les sommets On fait le plein de fraîcheur et de vie sans clim, c'est une compensation suffisante... read more

Asia » China » Shanxi » Wutaishan June 4th 2013

Another long drive that day… Didn’t matter how much I tried to stay awake on the truck, it just didn’t seem to be working too well… And ‘sleeping’ on the truck definitely didn’t make me any more rested, on the contrary actually – stiff neck, shoulders, too hot (or too cold with the window open), but then having two seats to myself shouldn’t be that bad right? I think it was just the constant moving from one place to the other that started getting to me rather than the journeys themselves. It would be nice to stay in one place for more than three nights I guess… Ah well… Sooner or later it would come to that, taking into account the distance I was covering in China overland, travelling hasn’t been that bad at all! But ... read more
Hanging Monastery
future NBA player!
view from Nanshan Temple

Asia » China » Shanxi » Wutaishan October 7th 2009

Early in the morning the temperature may be in the 30’ or lower. I am the only one with the down vest and wind breaker on. People on the bus make fun of me. I was the only one with short sleeve on before and now the only one with down vest on. At least I do not need to jump up and down to keep myself warm. When we arrived the temple there are tons of people plus live opera is on. People wait in line to buy incents and candles; and wait in line to burn it. I was told not to buy any since the price are super rip off. I am not a Buddhist anyway. May be I should do what Phil did in Sichuan last time to get some good luck. ... read more
Smiling Buddha
Wutaishan Sign
Wall Carving

Asia » China » Shanxi » Wutaishan September 18th 2008

Wutai Shan, one of China’s sacred Buddhist mountain ranges. The range is dedicated to the Manjusri Buddha, the Buddha of wisdom. After a fairly uneventful but beautiful journey (other than the driver overtaking on blind mountain road bends at high speed!), we paid the steep entrance fee to the area, much more expensive than our Rough Guide said it was! Nevertheless the scenery was stunning and we were excited about visiting all the temples and perhaps seeing some monks going about their daily business. On arrival, we were met by numerous hotel touts and picked one at random, which turned out to be ok. Basic, but clean and right in the centre of everything. We immediately went exploring even though the heavens had opened (it rained for the whole 3 days we were there!) however it ... read more
Our very own Living Buddha!
Christ on a bike?
Wutai in the mist

Asia » China » Shanxi » Wutaishan June 29th 2008

Five platform mountain is a ring of mountains, long and sloping, bare, that rise up over the northern Chinese lands, which spread away dry and dusty as plains below and beyond. The mountains here form a kind of wide ring above the earth, you can imagine, with gentle ridges that connect five natural platforms: the tallest looms up in the north at about 3000 m; ride that ridge east and south a few miles and it rises again to another flat space at about 2700 m. From here head south down the slopes, you'll come to a central area, a lowland valley that rests amidst these ridges and soft, treeless slopes. From there go south and another mountain rises to a sort of platform, but this one is far off, maybe 10 or 12 miles from ... read more
Angry? Ha!
How could I be angry over This? Just look beyond!
Auspicious Temple

Asia » China » Shanxi » Wutaishan June 13th 2008

I am walking along a tree lined lane. Temples dot my vision, here and there...I am still in Wu tai shan, the holy pilgrimmage place of Chinese Buddhism. Stillness underlies the environment, seething through the surface where on cars pass and honk, hammers bang and clang. Up ahead, who is it her? Yes, the girl who served me food yesterday. How interesting. Yuan fen. Synchronicity. She notices me. The gap between us closes. We approach eachother, she is young, in a white shirt, and less skinny than most Chinese girls. Her black hair is pulled back behind her round face and her eyes see me with a casual expression. Next comes the casual greeting. -"Chi le meiyou?" Have you eaten or not, she asks +"Mei chi guo. Ni ne?" I haven't eaten, how about you? ... read more
Wu Tai Shan on the Road

Asia » China » Shanxi » Wutaishan July 29th 2007

The Hanging Temple and Monastery in Shanxi Province was both remarkable in its construction and awe-inspiring in its location. It is literally built into the side of a cliff. The monks chose the site and the elevation to protect the temple from floods. Our bus was caught in a traffic jam of coal trucks, so our guide asked if we minded walking down a dry riverbed for a mile or so to come to the parking lot and entrance for the Hanging Monastery and Temple. We were game for the walk, not letting a traffic jam deter us, and hiked to our destination. The views out of the temple encompass a large dam to the right and miles of rocky mountains and dry riverbeds to the left. The hallways and passages in the temple itself are ... read more
Hanging Temple and Monastery
Monks in tennis shoes

Asia » China » Shanxi » Wutaishan November 5th 2006

Precioso pueblo budista situado en unas montanas dificilmente accesibles (un viaje en caminoeta/furgoneta que nunca olvidare...) donde se encuentra un conjunto de templos budistas. Lugar espiritual a la vez que bastante turistico y con mucho frio (nevo un poco!) con algunos templos muy bonitos como el de la gran pagoda de piedra blanca. English Beautiful budist village located on some hardly accessible mountains (a wagon trip I will never forget). Very touristic and spiritual place at the same time and with very cold weather (it snowed a little) with some really nice temples like the big white stone pagoda temple.... read more
Gran pagoda de piedra blanca / White stone pagoda

Asia » China » Shanxi » Wutaishan October 12th 2006

We kwamen te Wutaishan binnen vanuit Yingxian. De weg was nogal hobbelig en liep door 2 gebergteketens. Onderweg betaal je 90Y (45Y voor 65-plussers) inkom voor Wutaishan Scenic Area. We verbleven te Taihuai, het toeristische en historische centrum van de Wutaishan. Het ligt op 1700m in een dal tussen de 5 bergtoppen. Het was er begin oktober nogal fris ’s morgens en ’s avonds (8 à 13°C), maar er was verwarming op de kamer. Vanuit Taihuai kan je heel wat tempels te voet bereiken, en kan je via een centrale taxidienst naar de meer afgelegen tempels gaan. Het dorp/stadje heeft een speciale atmosfeer met zijn vele tempels, kloosters, monniken, hotelletjes en restaurantjes. Wegens tijdsgebrek vonden we de vertrekplaats van de bussen niet, en lieten ons een bustiket naar Taiyuan verkopen in een restaurantje. We betaalden 70Y ... read more

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