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Asia » China » Shanghai October 22nd 2004

Early morning arrival at the slightly depressing glass/concrete monster that is Pudong Int'l. We are being hearded through a long corridor with a big group of travellers. I stop by a lonely ATM and stock up on the ever present big and useless yuan bills (nobody ever has any change). Customs and immigration is as hustle free as ever in China and soon we're faced with finding a map and the transfer services. I immediately want to check out the maglev train, which we find after slowly wandering and exploring our way through another walkway. The staff speak as good as no English but manage to convey the fact that the train service doesn't start until 8.30, and we're a good 1.5 hours early. Although Kay doesn't mind hanging around I suggest we head for the ... read more
Fuyou Lu, outside the hotel entrance
Stylish building at Yu Yuan Garden
Yu Yuan Garden

Asia » China » Shanghai May 22nd 2004

Kami memulai perjalanan kami ke Tanah Tiongkok di Shanghai, dan berakhir di Beijing sebelum kembali ke Tanah Air. Perjalanan ini bersama salah satu tour group dari Indonesia. Shanghai is the beginning of our China trip with an Indonesian tour group before ended up in Beijing and then home.... read more
Arsitektur China / Chinese architecture
Di depan kedai teh / In front of a tea shop
Kami di Shanghai melihat daerah Pudong / We are in Shanghai overlooking Pudong region

Asia » China » Shanghai September 30th 2003

Today we are flying back to the States. In Tai'an we spent a day visiting the Dai Temple complex and traveling to the summent of Mt. Tai, a mountain that has been considered holy for centuries by Taoists, Buddhists, Confucianists and Maoists. This was my favorite part of the trip. We took a cable car to the top and the views were spectacular. Are Tai'an we visited Daming Lake in Ji'nan and traveled over the Yellow River on an overnight train to Suzhou, a city filled with cannels that many refered to as the "Venice of the Orient" We went to a silk spinning factory, the Garden fo the Fishing Net Master and took a cruise down the Grand Canal. We also had a chance to wonder through the town on our own and do a ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai January 15th 2003

enjoy the photos, more to come... read more
Momey and Poppy
The GOD and Christoff
welcome to Pudong

Asia » China » Shanghai December 27th 2002

Of course, this was not about to be my last time in Shanghai as I would return in 2004 and probably many more times in the near future. What did I expect when I visited Shanghai in 2002? I expected it to be the city of the future, the model for all Chinese cities to come and it sure did meet my expectations. Word of advise though, don't go in the winter time. Its cold. If you look at pictures I took of myself, it really appears that I am wearing the same cloths everyday. Another word of advise, things are cheap there, but don't buy everything you see. I think that year I came back with tons of cloths and goodies... only to have to recycle or donate most of them within a few wash ... read more
Come here for tourist traps!
The tradition lives on

Asia » China » Shanghai » Hongkou September 2nd 2002

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu September 1st 2002

Asia » China » Shanghai January 1st 2001

We celebrated New Year's on the Bund watching the fireworks over Pudong with Stefan and Markus, my fellow students at UIBE. As I described in the previous blog, these guys had been traveling all over China, as far as Tibet and we had agreed to meet up in Shanghai. We came down on the double-stacked "soft sleeper" express train from Beijing, sleeping across from each other on the top bunks, a great improvement from the tripled-stacked "hard sleeper" I had taken in October to Inner Mongolia. Poor Jennifer was so sick and we had to share what I had come to view as luxury in China, but was clearly a little bit of a shock for the uninitiated. We stayed at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music which had dorms that served as a hostel. Yet more ... read more
New Year's on the Bund

Asia » China » Shanghai September 26th 1997

Nihau (Hello). Well, we’re back with a new update from the most bustling city in all of China. Here’s an account of what got us here. Our last update was from Beijing where we pretty much did nothing but sit around and drink for the latter half of our week there. We ate at our favourite local restaurant once or twice per day and had fun ordering from our own menu (provided by the faithful Lonely Planet). The food here (both at this restaurant and all over the country) is absolutely fantastic. After exiting from Mongolia (where the food is … hmmm … crap) it was even more enjoyable to have such culinary delights as Sechuan Chicken, Stir Fried Vegetables and Beijing Duck. I swear Eric is making up form Mongolia by eating twice as much ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai December 10th 1986

Next stop China. Yes, dear reader, that's the plan and this travelling caper is starting to get real interesting. An American girl from our Tokyo guest house was keen to head out with me, and we caught a bus south to Osaka to link with the ferry voyage to China. Strategic planning wasn't a top priority for a pair of impulsive young travellers, and we only sensed trouble when the bus arrived in Japan's second largest city after midnight. Winter was setting in and we had no idea where to find a hotel that was still open late at night. Eventually we found ourselves walking the streets of Osaka for the night in an increasingly desperate search for warmth, amidst much immature grumbling from yours truly. Before dawn we found a fire lit by fishermen, and ... read more
The view of the river
Sailing down the Yangtze river
Relaxing over a beer

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