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Asia » China » Shanghai October 27th 2013

This is the end of a pretty cool trip...or actually...nearly the end. We left Luxembourg on the 24th September, and just over one month later, without a single plane ride, we are in Shanghai. This is also the end of a longer trip, as Leslie have now completed their first round-the-world trip, started in July 2012 when we left Asia for Argentina. Leslie and Tiffany left Asia as children...and they come back as teenagers...or close to it for Tiffany. That 15 months trip was a dream I never thought 5 years ago I could take. First, there is the fact that if Leslie has now lived with me for close to 7 years, it's only 2 years and a half for Tiffany. The day she moved in is like yesterday, but still, so much has happened ... read more
The urbanisation museum reduced to 5 hours train ride...

Asia » China » Shanghai October 23rd 2013

Shanghai was a favorite stop on our tour of China, a beautiful and lively metropolis with accessibly delicious food, good shopping and a much pleasanter population than up north. China's most international city is a wonderful place to rest after experiencing the history-rich but trying cities of Beijing and, to a lesser extent, Xi'an. Of particular interest was the Bund, without which a visit to Shanghai would be incomplete, the Shanghai Museum, perhaps the best in China, and the shops and restaurants in the French Concession and Yuyuan Bazaar. Unlike in many of the cities we visited, it was easy to find great food, including some outstanding Yunnanese cuisine. We should have planned for more time here, but spread ourselves thin visiting other important cities in the area: Nanjing, Suzhou and Hangzhou. These cities we visited ... read more
Mingtown Etour Youth Hostel in Shanghai
Mingtown Etour Youth Hostel in Shanghai
Mingtown Etour Youth Hostel in Shanghai

Asia » China » Shanghai October 7th 2013

With the milu reserve at Dafeng a bit of a bust, I decided not to stay in town four nights after all and instead just got a bus to Suzhou a couple of days early. Suzhou is about an hour out of Shanghai and about three hours from Dafeng. If you look at a map of China it might seem like my route so far has been a bit unusual, from Beijing to Xian to Shanghai-Dafeng-Suzhou and then afterwards to Chengdu. It would have made far more sense to go Beijing to Shanghai to Xian to Chengdu, but the reason for that is that Jess is working in Suzhou now so I had arranged to go see her. Originally she was working in Wenzhou (south of Shanghai) but it was bit too polluted so she moved. ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong October 5th 2013

We’re a little late to breakfast, and I miss out on the banana smoothies. Bugger! I’ll have to make do with waffles coated in peanut butter and maple syrup. The checkout is easy, Elva and the driver collect us and on to the airport. The flight to Singapore is uneventful, there’s the usual good entertainment system and late lunch to fill us up. At Singapore airport, we head to the Burger King for dinner, but find we have to wait awhile because a plane load of people have been delayed and they’ve all got dinner vouchers. For Burger King. Crazy. Anyway, we have a few hours to while away, so we do a little duty free shopping, and eventually on the plane home. Home at last, to a relatively cool early morning in Perth, quick customs ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong October 4th 2013

This time after more smoothies and pancakes, we catch a taxi to Tianzifang (¥21, A$3.80 – flagfall is ¥14). Its still crowded and a squeeze in some places, but not as dense as the other day. We enjoy a longer look at a wider range of allsorts, including Chinese and foreign nick-knacks. We’ve been keeping an eye out for another suitcase to carry the extra weight of items we’d bought. A shop provides the answer, with a ‘Ming Jiang’ bright green hard plastic case on four wheels for ¥740 (A$135). After a pleasant look through the alleyways, we catch a taxi back to the hotel and have lunch in our rooms. Joseph, Ky and I then go for a walk past the Yu Gardens Shopping area, looking for the Shi Liu Pu Clothing Material Market. The ... read more
Shanghai Yuyuan Shops 1
Shanghai Yuyuan Shops 2
Shanghai Yuyuan Shops 3

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong October 3rd 2013

It’s a sunny day and.. but wait, did I say sunny? Yes! The smoggy fogginess has lifted and wonder of wonders we can see the City, gleaming like a proud father to its 23 million children. We check in with ‘The Navigator’ on the ground floor. Very clever concept: a person assigned to giving directions. It turns out the famous acrobatics show is sold out. We catch a taxi (¥14) to the Shanghai Museum at around 9:30am and again opt out of the even longer queue that has already formed. Instead a walk through the People’s square, wide avenues with trimmed hedges and formal grass plots, surrounded by various interesting architectural structures. At the entrance to the ‘Fake clothing’ shopping mall (as described by the Navigator), we are pestered by a bunch of different salesmen wanting ... read more
Shanghai Orient Pearl Tower 2
Shanghai Orient Pearl Tower 1
Shanghai Orient Pearl Tower 4

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu October 2nd 2013

A before breakfast run on one of the many machines on the 21stfloor treats us to great city views, even though the air is still smoggy. The pool looks spectacular: it has glass sides that look straight out to the City. The steps leading up to the gym and pool levels are also made of glass, which is a bit unnerving. We have a better look out our room window this morning , to find that the floor-to-ceiling windows project out, giving an almost direct view straight down. Just think how much fun that would be in an earthquake! Breakfast dishes up a few more treats. This time we get banana and fruit smoothies, milk is served in bottles (harkening us back to NZ milk bottle delivery times), and the boys track down chocolate milk. Plus ... read more
Shanghai Yu Yuan Gardens 1
Shanghai Yu Yuan Gardens 2
Shanghai Yu Yuan Gardens 3

Asia » China » Shanghai » Xuhui September 2nd 2013

It’s impossible not to think of this summer without referencing the weather. Though it’s barely September, I’m already thinking about it in the past tense and hoping it’s behind us. I’m not sure that I can think up the proper adjectives to do it justice. Unbearable? Sweltering? Roasting? Broiling? Oppressive? When I look back at my June photos I was still wearing jeans, even boots in the cool, damp, early summer rain. In July things suddenly changed to full-on summer; the fickle spring weather replaced by two months of broiling sun. I thought perhaps I was being over-sensitive. I was, after all, accustomed to the temperate Pacific Northwest climate and recently, the even temperatures of the Guatemalan highlands. Apparently, however, many others felt the same. While the subtropical summer of Shanghai is famously unpleasant, this year ... read more
Us on the Bus
Epic Pudong skyline at dusk
View from C's office

Asia » China » Shanghai September 1st 2013

Shanghai ( 上海 )- The Ecomonic Center of China I've just come back from China trip with 35 days tour (in China you can't access youtube website). so when I came back my hometown, I edited and uploaded my footage on youtube and I want you to enjoy my video too First place is Shanghai the most modern city in the world right now ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu August 10th 2013

We all had a much needed sleep in this morning. Our room got up at 10.30. Laura, Jason and I went out for a walk to find somewhere for breakfast. We found a shop that was a cafe and bakery. We all managed to find something we wanted. I had pizza and a peanut butter sandwich! Followed by the best latte ever. The only thing that was really weird was that all the foods we picked were sugar coated! After breakfast we went back to the hostel to meet with Jessie our new guide. Only 6 of us: Laura, Jason, Rob, Coralee, Adam and I, ended up going with her. We realised by the end of the day that having a smaller group was intact really beneficial. It was much more relaxed. We set off for ... read more

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