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Asia » China » Shanghai July 18th 2013

Today we visited the site of the first meeting of the Chinese Communist Party, and then the Propaganda Museum. They were complete contrasts and it was very interesting to compare. The site of the first meeting of the Chinese Communist Party is very much a tourist destination for Chinese tourists, with a photo opportunity in front of a big Chinese flag and a somewhat skewed take on recent Chinese history. On sale were busts of Mao and copies of the Little Red Book. The Propaganda Museum was at the opposite end of the spectrum, hidden away in the basement of a block of flats with no signage, only Western tourists inside and all exhibits in English only. We wondered about a tacit agreement that the museum is allowed to operate only if it doesn't market itself ... read more
Intro at site of 1st National Congress of CPC
Sign in a public park - see pt 9

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong July 18th 2013

The view of Shanghai's modern district (Pudong), from across the river on The Bund, is like looking at the future, like Gotham City or something out of a Hollywood film. The whole area has been built pretty much within the last 20 years and consists mostly of skyscrapers. We saw it first in daylight (fighting through crowds to get to the river's edge) and then on a river cruise in the evening. It it an incredible sight but as its appeal depends on its futuristic architecture I wondered how it is going to look in 30 years time - horribly dated, like looking at 1960s architecture now? The river at night time was packed with similar cruisers, usually garishly lit up with multicoloured fairy lights, and many of the skyscrapers facing the river had advertisements lit ... read more
Pearl tv tower
World Financial Centre
The Bund

Asia » China » Shanghai July 7th 2013

It's Sunday - I decided to take a hit for Patti and James by going to the Waldorf Astoria for lunch - research you see. I checked The whole of the Waldorf Astoria out last night, walking around as if I was staying there. A smartly-suited Australian man walked by and said 'Good Evening' without breaking his stride and, with a slight nodding bow of his head. Such a confident swing. The tiny hook of elaborate attention to every possible detail pulled me to return today. This place is full of wealth and glamour but it isn't that that attracts me, it's the languid calmness of the place and the attention to every possible tiny architectural detail in how the rooms curve, how the light falls, how the elaborate floral decorations sit symmetrically exactly directly below ... read more
little silver butter dish
the long restaurant
just a few of the tiny cakes

Asia » China » Shanghai July 2nd 2013

Yesterday, I nipped from Suzhou to Shanghai on the train - a dry run for Thursday. Over the last 5 years, the station at Suzhou has changed beyond all recognition, in fact, an entirely new one has been built. It's gone through many changes and this, I think is almost it. I think it's finished. Man, the train systems in China are second to none. The new building is huge, gleaming marble floors where once there were regular tiles, automated gates where there were cattle like metal railings with pushing and shoving and rushing of great numbers of people. It's clean, safe, efficient and luxurious. And that's only the station in Suzhou. On the platform, it is also orderly, the train stops so that the doors to the carriages stop exactly at the related number on ... read more
my wriggling wu gui
M. on the Bund.
queue here for carriage 2

Asia » China » Shanghai » Xuhui June 23rd 2013

Morning All I arrived at lunchtime in Shanghai after a lovely flight! It didn't get dark at all because I flew into the sunrise. Its warm very warm here. Im having breakfast at the moment and Im going to try and get some photos up to show about all the different things I could have had for breakfast. It's about half past 9 in the morning here but you will be fast asleep in your beds as its the middle of the night at home. Last night we went to an old bit of the town and had supper in a restaraunt which had lots of teddy bears! Earl didn't come he was a bit tired agetting rready to go to his new school. I hope some of you can leave some messages and I will ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai » Pudong June 21st 2013

Why the blog? ( No! I am not too bored with my life nor jobless :P ) I have had a fair share of travelling experience in my past but for the first time I am sharing my experience with people not only because its fun and helps keep the memory alive of the places you have been to, experiences you have had, memories you have developed, people you have met but also because i realized that my experiences might prove to be beneficial for a few travellers out there waiting to explore the world and bask in its beauty, curious to know more and more with each passing second, accept anything and everything the world has to offer and delve deeper into the history,mystery, magnificence and secret carried by every square inch of this world ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai June 8th 2013

My last week was supposed to have me hit up Hong Kong for a final contrasting city in China. However, lack of planning led to mismanagement of my visa and if I left, I’d have a hard time returning without jumping through a bunch of hoops and shelling out some cash. However, when one door closes, another opens and the mishap would allow enough time to visit my other pioneering teacher friend in China, Kayla Carter. When I had seen her 2 weeks ago in the city, she explained that she lived on the outskirts of Shanghai and that it was a nice 45 minute trip to the countryside. After another full week, I welcomed the idea of a slower pace. So as I boarded the bus out to meet Kayla, I was able to do ... read more
Ms. Carter
Old China
Seafood vendors

Asia » China » Shanghai » Jing'an June 2nd 2013

Today i am leaving hangzhou to shanghai! I am so excited to see the city and go exploring! I had a rough start this morning.. Slept through my alarm but woke up just in time. I was supposed to skype with my class but it didnt work out, i had just enough time to brush my teeth and cover my bags with my ponchos and head out the door. It is pouring today! I had a 25 minute walk, or should i say run walk, to the train station. I got all the way in the station until i realized i had to go back outside to another building to get my ticket. I found a bilingual window and watched countless people cut, its normal in china, but i patiently waited my turn. I am so ... read more
Vegetarian heaven
Animal carrots

Asia » China » Shanghai June 1st 2013

Overall, May was a sunny, lovely month in Shanghai. Things were blooming, trees bursting with new leaves, flowerboxes everywhere. Even the Magnolia tree out our window began to put forth smooth white blossoms. Trying to take advantages of the weather (which, I have been told is about to get much rainier and drastically more humid) we tried to venture outside of the city as much as possible in search of green space. Moving to such a massive city after a break in the pristine Northwest of the United States has been an adjustment. Even in Guatemala, when we sometimes felt restricted by safety issues, the pace of life was much slower and more relaxed. While the French concession is lovely with its low-rise buildings and European-style cafes, moving around the city can still be a bit ... read more
Changxin Village
Bamboo grove
Huzhou Temple

Asia » China » Shanghai » Putuo May 28th 2013

Because Abby is a marriott points millionaire, we got to start our day off in style by eating in the VIP club at the top of the hotel. This was pretty amazing as we could see the whole city. We met our tour group in the lobby and headed off to explore Shanghai. Diva squad showed up in 4 inch platform heels which they promptly traded in for sandals, a great disappointment to the rest of us. Our first stop was The Bund where we saw a wall street style bull (apparently a gift after the US single handedly took down the market, our bad), a flower wall (self explanatory) and the new skyline of Shanghai. We snapped some obligatory pics and I schemed on how I was going to steal a Chinese baby as they ... read more
Baller view from breakfast VIP lounge
I learned how to do fisheye on my camera
2nd day!

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